Drake Didn't Lift A Finger and Joe Budden is Being Clowned on Social Media

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The entire Drake and Joe Budden beef is seemingly one-sided at this point despite what many including Budden believed was a shot at him on French Montana's "No Shopping." Oddly enough, Drake didn't even have to lift a finger for Budden to be clowned on social media.

All it took was some Drake fans.

While Budden has undoubtedly dropped some pretty heavy diss tracks with real battle bars, it doesn't seem to be phasing Drake too much whose only clear shot at Budden came at a recent show where he told fans he should have Budden perform "Pump It Up," before saying "f**k them n***as." That's probably because Drake doesn't even have to lift a finger at this point because his fans are already clowning Budden.

There were two separate instances where Joe Budden went after Drake fans who mocked him and threatened them.

To add insult to injury, Meek Mill, who took a loss from Drake in a beef from 2015 clowned Budden on Instagram.

So, Budden and Mill are in somewhat of a beef and Budden has become a viral laughing stock of the Internet.

Somehow, the attention has shift more to Budden and Mill and Drake is just enjoying himself and partying on the Summer Sixteen tour. That being said, Budden did make light of the situation on Twitter and apparently knows how to laugh at himself.

We once believed that Drake needed to respond to Budden with bars but now, it doesn't look like it's even warranted. So, who is the ultimate winner here? We'll let you decide.

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