Drake Breaks A Lamp With a Soccer Ball & Chooses Ping Pong Instead

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These days Drake is showing off his sporty side a bit more and recently he realized that some sports might not be meant for him after a much unwanted soccer trick-shot shatters an outdoor lamp.

We all wish we could be like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, the fact of the matter is very few could even compare. Drake, well, he gave it his best shot but he's going to have to shell out some cash for a new outdoor lamp, it's not like he doesn't have it anyway.

Drizzy was enjoying some time playing soccer on a tennis court, where he seems to be spending a lot more time lately.

He went for the goal post with a kick but ended up putting too much power behind it causing it to sail and smash into the outdoor lamp.

Unlike a kid who breaks a window while playing outside, Drake decides to go with it and exclaims "GOALLLL!"

@highlighthub @bleacherreport Crazy Lamp Trick Shot. @cristiano

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After things got a little too crazy on the tennis court, Drake decides to take a shot on a small version, table tennis. This time he's much more successful, perhaps he's continuing to try to impress Serena Williams? Too bad Williams is busy kicking ass at the U.S. Open. Either way his table tennis skills are much better than his soccer skills so staying in that lane might be the best bet for Drizzy. After all, Meek Mill isn't really around to let him step out of his musical lane so why not take on sports right? His soccer play might get Drake on the ESPN "Not Top 10 Plays" but maybe a little redemption on the table tennis play? Who know's enjoy both of Drake's athletic moments.


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