Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Review/Recap: Goku Meets Tien And Master Roshi

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There is not much time left and Goku needs to recruit two more members to participate in the Tournament of Power.

In Dragon Ball Super episode 89, Goku meets up with Tien and Master Roshi to see if they are available to fight in the tournament.

Before I recap this episode, I must say that I admire how Dragon Ball Super has shown a more human side to the main fighters. Many of the fighters now lead normal lives outside of saving the world.

Goku is a farmer, Krillin is a policeman, Yamcha plays baseball and now we learn that Tien has opened a dojo to teach martial arts to young students. Chiaotzu is there with them, while Master Roshi is observing.

Before Goku flies in to say hi, Master Roshi is looking at Tien's teaching methods. Roshi is a little bored because all of his students are young men.

He initially came to the dojo to gawk at young ladies. Well, Roshi suddenly gets excited when a young woman named Yurin appears at the doorstep.

Tien asks Yurin why she wants to train in martial arts. She says for beauty, but Tien feels this is not a good answer.

Roshi cannot contain himself and looks at Yurin's body. He says Tien should welcome all students so Roshi decides to "train" Yurin himself.

As Roshi is doing his thing, Goku arrives and asks Tien about joining the Tournament of Power.

Tien declines because he wants to stay and train his students. As for Roshi, Goku doesn't ask him yet because he's still busy "observing" Yurin's feminine body.

We soon learn that Yurin is not here by noble means. She manages to escape Roshi's grasp and then uses witchcraft to brainwash Tien's students. They become flying zombies when she puts a talisman over their faces.

She hates Tien because he didn't want to fight her when she was younger when they were both at the Crane School.

Now she's older and trained herself in witchcraft. She now feels that Tien will not ignore her challenge any longer.

Goku, Tien and Chiaotzu help the village and stop the flying zombie students. Roshi wants to stop Yurin, but he gets distracted when she falls down.

He sees her underwear and then collapses. Yurin then puts Roshi under her spell. Tien now has to fight Master Roshi!

Master Roshi is quite powerful for his old age and bests Tien in combat. Tien even looked like Mortal Kombat's Goro and had four arms, but that wasn't enough to stop Roshi.

Goku barges in and decides to stop Roshi himself. Goku is impressed that Roshi has been hiding this power for so long.

In the end though, Roshi is stopped when Goku fires off a Kamehameha. Yurin's reign of terror is over. Tien talks to Yurin and says if she wants to become stronger, she should have just joined his dojo.

That way, they can fight and train together. She just has to apologize to the students and village people first. Yurin accepts his offer.

Due to the damage on the village, Tien says he accepts Goku's offer to join the tournament. It will help repay the damages. Master Roshi also agrees to join the tournament too. Goku's team is now complete.

Universe 7 has all the 10 fighters it needs. This includes Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, No. 18, No. 17, Buu, Tien and Master Roshi.

There was only one scene outside of Goku, Tien and Master Roshi. Cabba back in Universe 6 still wants to convince Caulifa to join the Tournament of Power.

At first, she's not interested until Cabba says she can get stronger. Not to mention he turns into a Super Saiyan and says she could turn into one too. This piques her interest.

Anyway, this episode of Dragon Ball Super felt more like an old episode of the original Dragon Ball series.

Master Roshi was a huge pervert in this episode. However, I do like the fact that Tien is still being utilized and that he has managed to find a peaceful style of life for himself.

If you don't like Roshi's perverted antics, you may not like this episode at all. It's a throwback to the original Dragon Ball style of humor that was not heavily featured in Dragon Ball Z. Next week's episode of Dragon Ball Super looks more interesting. Despite only eight more hours until the tournament starts, Goku will fight Gohan to see how powerful he has become under Piccolo's guidance.

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