Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 Review/Recap: Goku Reaches A New Form

Dragon Ball Super episode 109 ended with Goku struggling to hold back his own Spirit Bomb attack which was deflected by Jiren. Jiren doesn't seem to be exerting much of his full power, while Goku is giving it everything that he's got.

Episode 110 continues the pair's epic fight. To check out our review of episode 109, click here.

Jiren is very powerful and Goku is unable to push down the Spirit Bomb. Goku could potentially get eliminated if he continues to struggle like this.

Whis speculates that Jiren has reached an astronomical power level. He thinks Jiren is actually stronger than a God of Destruction. Mortals are usually not stronger than Gods, but Jiren is an exception to this rule.

After that, something strange happens. The Spirit Bomb collapses into a type of black hole and Goku is sucked inside of it.

As the dust settles, Goku is nowhere to be found and the Spirit Bomb is gone. Did Jiren get rid of Goku somehow?

All that remains is a big crater with lightning bolts jolting everywhere. Everyone is quite worried because they cannot sense Goku's energy anywhere.

He is nowhere to be found at the moment. His body didn't even get transported to the seats where Krillin and the other eliminated fighters are.

Champa feels Jiren could be disqualified if Goku is dead. Vados says Jiren is unlikely to get disqualified because the Spirit Bomb was Goku's own attack.

The Grand Priest agrees and says Goku eliminated himself. That is of course if he truly has vanished.

The Grand Priest orders the tournament to continue despite everyone being far weaker than Jiren. The Zen-Ohs nearly declare Goku to be eliminated, but the ground starts to shake.

Much like Superman after his fight with Doomsday, Goku has come back stronger than ever. He has reached a new form that we have never seen before!

It's hard to describe what he looks like. He has a new blue and transparent aura around him. His hair is still mostly black, but he has glowing silver eyes.

Not to mention in this new form, Goku is a lot faster than ever before.

He actually manages to hit Jiren, although Jiren is still not exerting much stamina. This new form however is more powerful than Universe 11's Toppo and Dyspo.

Goku and Jiren fight to some cool music and it looks like Goku is finally on the same level as Jiren.

Whether or not he is stronger than Jiren, we don't know yet but the odds seem even at this point. Whis even hints that Goku may be stronger than Beerus now.

Beerus looks upset and utters something called 'Ultra Instinct'. Goku has managed to find a new technique that even some Gods cannot attain. This interests Frieza because Frieza is a mortal that wants to become more powerful than the Gods.

Goku somehow reached this new form by absorbing the Spirit Bomb inside of his own body. Whis explains that the Spirit Bomb gave Goku more energy and unlocked more potential that was inside of him.

It's still an assumption, but Whis knows that this is the most powerful he has ever seen Goku. This is the newest strongest form for Goku.

However we find out that this new form can only be attained by Goku temporarily. Jiren is somehow more powerful 100 percent of the time.

Goku loses his new form and Jiren blasts him away. Goku is not eliminated, but he needs some rest. Goku himself cannot even explain what happened to him to Vegeta.

Hit tries to catch Jiren off guard, but Jiren blocks him. Episode 110 of Dragon Ball Super ends like that.

It's interesting that we got an epic fight just halfway into the tournament. This means we could see an even bigger finale near the end of the tournament. Can Goku finally beat Jiren?

Anyway, both episode 109 and 110 of Dragon Ball Super were excellent. It's always exciting to see new forms get introduced to the Dragon Ball franchise.

Not to mention Goku may even be stronger than a God if he is able to use this new form again. Next week, it's exciting because we see Jiren fight Hit!

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