Dr. David Agus Discusses His New Book and More With Howard Stern

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In the first batch of shows for the new year Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show fans were treated to interviews with Samuel L. Jackson and John Stamos.

Today Stern switches things up a bit with Dr. David Agus as his guest.

Agus is cancer doctor and researcher who has recently penned the book "The Lucky Years: How to Thrive in the Brave New World of Health." Agus helped Stern cut out the amount of mercury in his body when Stern received some "wonky" blood tests. His mercury level was too high and when Agus told him to cut down on the fish for a couple of months, Stern was back to normal.

"Howard said he says driving a car is a very good idea because it keeps dementia away," according to MarksFriggin.

"Dr. Agus said that being able to do something like that and having a pattern recognition helps. He said it stimulates the brain.

Howard said that it involves so many facets of the brain. Dr. Agus said it's increased connections. He said that driving is a good thing."

In an age where self-piloting technology is being developed Agus believes it could do more harm than good because of the benefits that driving brings. Agus happens to be married to Maury Povich's daughter. He and Stern continued their interview by talking about right way to control drinking.

Agus told Stern that you should take a few days off of drinking and even dished a couple ways in which you can control your sleep cycle by getting the same amount of sleep every night.

Much of the interview was centered around tips to make your life better as well as a few jokes here and there about Ronnie The Limo Driver needing to get a colonoscopy and why it's important to wash your sheets.

All in all a pretty interesting interview with lots of information to keep you healthy.