Is Dove Cameron Dating Thomas Doherty?

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Ah, young love. We all saw how head over heals in love Dove Cameron was with Ryan McCartan. Not only did they form their own duo band but they regularly appeared on each other's social media pages and even managed to remain engaged to each other for a few months.

But alas, like many young couples, they soon parted ways.

Now, it seems Dove Cameron may be at it again, but with a whole new co-star, the hot young lead she's been spending time with from her stint on Descendants 2.

But just who is Thomas Doherty and what exactly are the rumors circulating about him and Dove Cameron?

Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty are co-starring on Descendants 2.

In addition to spending time on set together, the two sparked rumors of a relationship when Thomas Doherty posted a pic of Dove Cameron in a pair flimsy silk pyjamas and captioned it "Shy." In addition, Dove Cameron has been making one too many appearances on Thomas Doherty's Snapchat.

Dove Cameron also had a mighty suspicious picture of a young man's naked back on her Instagram, which was captioned, "young thing."

Could this be Thomas?

The two have also be retweeting each others tweets and saying only the kindest things about each other publicly.

Thomas Doherty is not unfamiliar with the Disney family.

He starred in the popular teen TV series, "The Lodge," a Disney Chanel show which premiered in 2016.

Now, Thomas Doherty is set to to play the role of Harry Hook in Descendants 2, which is slated to be released on Disney later this year.

Do you think Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty are dating? It's well known that the UK accent is utterly irresistible to American women. Tweet us and let us know what you think.

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