Donald Trump Is An **shole

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At a time when the world has cast aside politics to support French magazine Charlie Hebdo, Donald Trump decides that no opportunity to be a jerk should be passed up.

Never mind that Spy went out of business, but never declared bankruptcy and various Trump-branded properties (such as the Atlantic City casinos bearing his name, but who calls out an organization on Twitter which just had its staffers massacred by terrorists? The 12 people who died in the attack on the magazine's Paris headquarters have not even all been laid to rest and Trump is on the attack?

Does Trump speak French? Is a man whose only funny attribute is his appearance someone who should be commenting on whether satirical magazines are funny?

Trump is a sad, mean man who lacks basic human dignity.

Rational, free, intelligent people are standing up to say "Je Suis Charlie," to show that you don't have to get the joke or find it funny, but you do have to support the right to tell it. Trump is not one of those people.

Instead, he's a ghoul kicking sand in the faces of the loved ones of the people who died. He's someone who profits from free speech, but has no idea what protecting it involves.

Trump can say what he wants -- pioneers like Spy Magazine and Charlie Hebdo have proven that in court over and over -- but perhaps he should think before he does.

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