Dog Saves Owner When He Suspects Him Drowning: Loyalty From Man's Best Friend

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Well Reddit has struck once again with yet another video that will melt your heart as a dog jumps into the water to save his owner whom he thinks is drowning, little does he know it was just a test.

(Video Below)

In a short but touching video found on the front page of Reddit's Video Subreddit a dog sits quietly while keeping an eye on his owner who is swimming in a small lake.

The owner decides to show exactly how loyal his dog is and takes a bit of a dive into the lake.

He holds his breath as if he has sunken in an act that would mimic someone who is having some trouble swimming.

The furry hero is quickly on it's feet before leaping into the lake swimming over to the owner and grabbing his hand to help pull him to safety.

Though the owner knew how amazing his animal was he wanted the world to see. This video was not only touching but is an attest to how much an animal cares for their owner in times of need.

Watch The Dog Save His Owner Below