Dog Does Its 'Excited Dance' For Owner: When Was The Last Time You Were That Excited?

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A video posted to YouTube shows what happens when a dog really loves their owner as one puppy does what can only be described as a excited dance.

(Video Below)

The video posted to Kevin Clancy's YouTube account shows a little puppy at a dog daycare. He and a few other dogs are separated from the general public as the await their owners arrival.

However, when he or she sees their owner, it begins to do a little excited jig. The dance is pretty comedic and is yet another dog doing something cute and funny video for our enjoyment.

The video already has 691,817 views since the initial post two days ago and will probably only grow from there.

Watching the video should bring back memories of your own, think about, when was the last time you were so excited to see someone or heard some exciting news that made you literally want to jump up and down uncontrollably?

It's simple and short yet completely adorable and definitely has the "aww factor."

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