Does Steven R. McQueen Really Want A Nightwing Role?: 'The Flash' & 'Arrow' Support

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It looks like "The Vampire Diaries" Steven R. McQueen really wants to be given the chance to play Nightwing as he continues to hand out subtle hints to the creators of "The Flash" and "Arrow" with some help from fans.

Looking at his Twitter and Instagram pages, fans already know that McQueen is a huge comic book buff, however, it looks like as if he is trying to appeal to the writers of "Arrow" using a very creative tweet from one fan.

A fan featured McQueen's Twitter handle in a clever tweet which suggested to the writers of "Arrow" and "The Flash" that it would be nice to see Nightwing lend a helping hand to The Arrow and Flash as they fight crime in Starling City and Central City.

The fan uses a pretty interesting tactic to see if the writers would pick up on what the fans want to see.

In the meantime McQueen has proven to be one of the biggest fans of both shows.

He is constantly showing and undying support for both "The Flash" and "Arrow" by pointing out some of the best scenes in the two shows and really praising the writers.

So at what point do the writers give in and create something that McQueen wants to be a part of and something that the fans want to see? It doesn't seem like the appeal to the writers will stop as McQueen has given his weekly bid of support to the cast and writers of both superhero inspired CW hits.

This week McQueen was absent from a huge episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will have the hard task of filling Jeremy in on the fact that his "Bae" Bonnie (Kat Graham) sacrificed herself to make sure he got back to the present day.

Someone is also going to have to fill him in what "Bae" means.