Does Macklemore's Air Jordan VI's Prove Saturation In Celebrity Sneakerheads Pointless?

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Rapper Macklemore has been on a little hiatus from music but managed to generate a huge buzz among the sneaker community last week with two exclusive pairs of Air Jordan VI's.

Run DMC may have started the hip-hop craze with "My Adidas and everyone remembers Fat Joe licking the bottom of his sneakers in an episode of cribs and showing love for them. Since then, the sneaker community among celebrities has seen a slow resurgence ultimately leading to a saturation of celebrity sneaker collectors and stunters all over Instagram.

Macklemore creating pandemonium in the sneaker community with two Instagram posts of exclusive Air Jordan VI's one sporting green suede and the other a red toned suede.

One photo is over 100K likes on Instagram and the other is rapidly approaching the number as well. Both sneakers are very well styled in and would both be hits if they were to ever release, however, as of right now there has been absolutely no word on a possible release making these exclusive to Macklemore.

It is similar to Drake who happens to be a member of the Jordan brand family and has been able to get his hands on custom OVO pairs of Air Jordans.

Macklemore and Drake are joining a growing number of celebrities who are getting into the sneaker game, which leads us to question whether or not the saturation of celebrity sneakerheads posts any impact on the community as a whole. Any video found on YouTube about the sneaker culture will ultimately revert back to hip-hop or Michael Jordan.

When it comes to hip-hop they have some of the most passionate collectors such as Fat Joe, Fabolous, DJ Khaled (Arguable of course), DJ Skee, Joe Budden, Trinidad Jame$, Wale, Ludacris, Nelly, Bow Wow and DJ Clark Kent just to name a very few among the long list of names.



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(Fat Joe In Eminem Air Jordan 2)

(Fabolous' 1991 Air Max 180 1995 Nike Air CB 34 II)

Sneaker blog site even gives these celebrities a platform to shine on in their weekly "Celebrity Sneaker Stalker" showcasing celebrities wearing some of the latest and sometimes rarest kicks.

With so many celebrities already being a part of the sneaker culture do real sneakerheads get tired of seeing them stunt or does it give them something to critique, aspire to have and motivate them to continue collecting?


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It is very much possible that celebrities are able to put the community on the map and inspire others to continue to collect on the other hand, it could inspire a group of individuals to enter the community who are there solely because it is the cool thing to do.

To them, the background of a sneaker, history behind a brand, comfort, nostalgic feeling and design of a shoe wouldn't be a part of their mindset when purchasing a shoe.

The point here is that the over saturation of celebrity sneakerheads are both a gift and a curse to the sneaker community, but as time changes so does the way sneaker communities and any other specific collectors group have to also change with it.