Does Howard Stern's SiriusXM Success Mean A New Contract?

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While Howard Stern distanced himself from"America's Got Talent," his recent comments on his SiriusXM success points towards an almost definite resigning with the broadcasting company.

"Howard said he wants to congratulate SiriusXM on their success," according to a the latest MarksFriggin transcript of the show.

"Howard said when they came over there he had to put a lot of thought into leaving terrestrial radio. Howard said Sirius came to him and said they really wanted him.

He said he wrote in his journal that he thinks it can work. He said he could envision 30 million subscribers."

Stern has had years and years of radio success and it skyrocketed into popularity when he joined SiriusXM. He is one of the big reasons the company is such a thriving business and the fact that they've always supported him is signs of a very solid relationship, unlike the "America's Got Talent" deal.

"Howard said they announced that they should crack that number this year.

Howard read what Jim Meyer has said about how that should happen this year. Howard said they had 28.4 million mid-year and they should be close to 30 million by the end of the year," according to the transcript.

Not only did Stern say that he believes in SiriusXM but he also expressed how happy it makes him to have been a part of their success.

Now, he uses the word "been" as a past tense note but it's most likely just Stern being caught up in the moment and shouldn't mean that SiriusXM and Stern would be parting ways.

There hasn't been a concrete announcement made by Stern because he still has some time left on the current contract.

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