Does Emily Osment and Jimmy Tatro Have A Quieter Romance Than Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin?

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Just as Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin like to keep their relationship under wraps, so does "Young and Hungry" star Emily Osment and boyfriend Jimmy Tatro, but who does it the best?

Normally the competition is for the relationship with the most PDA and social media posts but these two couples seem to just want the quiet realistic relationship without gossipers in their noses. Last week Empty Lighthouse followed Wesley, star of The CW's "The Vampire Diaries" and Tonkin, star of "The Originals," in their adult relationship as the two keep things quiet on social media.

However, looking at other couples it seems like Osment and Tatro may have them beat.

The last post that featured Osment on Tatro's Instagram page was three months ago, but behold, that is the same length of time that has elapsed since Wesley last posted a photo of Tonkin on his Instagram page.

On the female side of the spectrum, both Osment and Tonkin posted photos of their boyfriends just two days apart with Tonkin's last post coming on August 16 while Osment's was August 14.

There extremely similar tendencies in the way that these two couples go about their relationship.

The almost identical time periods that are gone without show their fans their significant others together seems to be a favorable tactic in keeping their relationship private.

Osment and Tatro prove that no matter what age you are there is still self control when displaying your relationship publicly, the two being the younger pair.

Looks both of these pairs are winners as they manage to have an adult relationship despite their celebrity status.