Does Depend Think It Can Make Wearing Diapers Hip with #underwareness?

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The marketing people at Depend have a difficult job. They have to take a product which is essentially a diaper for incontinent adults and make wearing one seem acceptable.

The problem is, of course, that no matter how stylish you make a diaper, it's still a diaper, and wearing a diaper will always be something people will associate with babies, not hip, good looking young people.

Still, the company is trying, and has launched a social media campaign where it pays models to wear Depend "underwear" to show how stylish they can be.

The company has been using #underwareness to support its efforts.

In theory, regular people are supposed to share pictures of themselves wearing Depend products to help break the stigma. In reality, the hashtag is mostly serving to encourage comedians to retweet pictures.

What Depend is doing is admirable, but it's real efforts should be in creating a product which users can continue to wear secretly.

Nobody is going to be proud of wetting their pants, just because bladder leakage is apparently more common than we were aware of.