Do Women Actually Care About The Ray Rice And Adrian Peterson Controversies? ESPN Polls Women

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With the NFL season well underway, is everyone, women in particular, set to forget about Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson and move on?

Football is arguably a male sport with a predominantly male audience, but that doesn't mean women don't watch it. Now that we are 3 games into the season, many people are ready to get on with it and put the actions of players like Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, as well as a few others, behind them.

However, what does that really say about the NFL's audience? Are football fans just jumping on the band wagon? A few weeks ago almost everywhere you went you would see and hear the media crucifying Ray Rice for the way he savagely hit his wife, however, now that, that media cycle has passed and the media is reporting on other matters, the common fan is no longer talking about Ray Rice.

Interestingly, ESPN's Women's sports network, ESPNW, recently put a poll up on their website asking "Have you watched an NFL game since the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson controversies?" Since this is the women's network, one should be able to accurately assume that the people answering this poll are mostly women and thus, the answer would be an astounding "No." However, this is not the case.

According to the ESPNW poll, out of 9,409 answers 75% of them were a "Yes," so does this mean the majority of female NFL fans don't care enough about domestic violence to make a stand against the NFL? If so this would be an astounding revelation.

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