'Divorce' Star Sarah Jessica Parker Visits The Howard Stern Show

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After years of appearing on Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker is taking on a whole new role on Divorce.

She recently stopped by The Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to chat about the new show and her career thus far.

Stern welcomed Parker to the show and she actually said, "Hit 'em with the Hein" before Stern revealed that Andy Cohen was a big part of getting her on the show.

That blossomed into a conversation of how she met Cohen 15 years ago through mutual friends.

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"Howard said Sarah has something about her. He said he can't take her eyes off of her. Howard said it's true. Sarah said she never watches anything that she's in," according to a MarksFriggin rundown.

"She said she has only seen Sex and the City episodes just once. Howard asked why she would want the hassle of doing that show. Sarah said she loves producing."

It took Parker quite some time before she returned to TV and Stern questioned whether it was because of the great success that was Sex and the City. However, Parker said that she had been working on the show Divorce for four years.

She then broke down her responsibilities on the show.

"Howard said Sarah's parents divorced when she was young. Howard said then there are 8 kids in the family. Sarah said her mom gave birth to all 8 of the kids," according to MF.

"She said she's the 4th of 8. She said her mother remarried and had more kids.

She said she had 4 with her dad and 4 more with the new dad. She said that she still has a good relationship with her biological father."

Parker was pretty open about her early life and said she wasn't a cool kid growing up because she was into Annie.

Parker and her friend Molly weren't invited to parties and considered themselves classic outcasts. Meanwhile, Parker said she was nervous a lot when she was younger but was never discouraged when she never got a job.

The actress later on discussed her marriage with Matthew Broderick and whether or not he gets jealous when he sees her making out with another guy for a project. Parker said Broderick doesn't but when she saw a film where he did she paused for a second.

It was a pretty interesting and fun interview between Stern and Sarah Jessica Parker who is back to TV with Divorce. For a full transcript of their chat click here, or stream highlights from the interview below.

Stream Highlights From Sarah Jessica Parker's Stern Show Interview