Disney Princes Net Worth: Top Five Richest Princes

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Admit it: being a royal would be fabulous. The fame, living in a castle, servants, and having power over an entire kingdom are just a few of the many perks of being part of a royal family.

Another obvious upside would be the riches that come with it. Fame and fortune.

Watching royals in movies makes the fantasy even more fun, especially those royals in Disney movies. They have it all: the riches, the looks, the kingdom, talking animated creatures as best friends, and not to mention some great pipes.

A recent article on The Squander looks at this aspect of royalty in pop culture, and ranks the top five Disney princes with the highest net worth.

The prince who makes top of the list is Aladdin, the Prince of Agrabah.

Aladdin's net worth is an estimated amount of $2.03 billion. According to Disney Wikipedia, Agrabah is based off of Baghdad, Iraq. Since there are no princes or sultans in Baghdad, the best source would be the Sultan of Brunei, who has a net worth is $20 billion.

As prince, Aladdin's current net worth is $30 million, but with the aspect of becoming Sultan, his net worth bumps up to $2.03 billion.

By winning the heart of Princess Jasmine, Aladdin said "goodbye" to street rat, and "hello" to seventy-five golden camels. Don't they look lovely, June?

The second to make the list was Prince Phillip from "Sleeping Beauty" who is raking in a net worth of $580 million. Prince Phillip, according to Disney Wiki, is based off of the real Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, whose net worth is $30 million. But what brings Phillip to the number two spot? Prince Phillip marries Princess Aurora, whose father is the King of England.

The net worth of Queen Elizabeth is currently $550 million, making her Phillip's most relavent source. When these two kingdoms merge, Phillip is getting the best of both worlds.

The third to make the list is Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid" who has a net worth of $80 million. Eric is the prince of a kingdom in Denmark, which makes him most relatable to Crown Frederik Prince of Denmark, whose inheritance is about $40 million. However, when Eric marries Ariel, who is the princess of Atlantica, there is a possible chance that Eric can inherit that kingdom as well, bringing in another $40 million to his net worth.

Eric has power over the land and sea. Move over, Triton. Give the pro some room.

The fourth prince to make the list is Prince Henry Charming from "Cinderella" with a net worth of $40 million. Charming is the prince of a kingdom in France, and it can be estimated that he would be worth around the same as Prince William in England, who is also second in line to the throne. What throws Charming down towards the bottom of the list is that there is no current monarch in France, so it is hard to tell how much he will inherit as king.

Not to mention, he isn't exactly the king of personality either. Throw a smile on, pal.

The prince who finds his way at the bottom of the list is Prince Adam, also known as "the Beast" in "Beauty and the Beast." Adam, who definitely received the you-know-what end of the stick of the deal, has a net worth of $40 million.

But, because he was under a spell for ten years, we can assume that his net worth dropped because of his lack of impact he had on the economy of the small provincial community in France.

Let us not overlook that the entire town does not acknowledge his absence at all: can you say, major plot hole?

Overall, these Disney princes are worth a lot of dough. With these glaring facts, you can't help but wonder, though, if Prince Eric's baby blues weren't the only reason Ariel gave up her fins. Am I right?

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