Diddy Visits The Ellen Show To Talk Money and Play '5 Second Rule'

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How much does Diddy love Ellen DeGeneres? Well, he had just gotten off of five days touring and had to have an IV needle.

However, he had to make it to the Ellen Show, so when the blood started going down the IV, he pulled it out himself.

Diddy said that DeGeneres' staff were really good and spoke about being invited to Beyonce's 70s themed, Soul Train party. A photo popped up of Diddy with a permed wig holding his package.

Diddy and DeGeneres joked about drinking responsibly as he ripped the cap off of a bottle of tequila.

They toasted to the crowd with a shot as DeGeneres revealed that Diddy is number one on Hip-hop's Highest Earnings list for Forbes.

She congratulated Diddy, who said it has been like that for a couple of years now, however, he wants to be taken off of the list. He explained how a net worth works by saying it isn't money that you have in your bank account.

He wants to be known as someone who gives the most money away, instead of someone who has the most money.

DeGeneres asked how much money Diddy had on him at the moment and he said he didn't have any, contrary to the truth.

Diddy ended with a statement on understanding the importance of what you can do with my and how to give to people who need it.

Later on in the show Diddy took on DeGeneres for a pretty hilarious game of 5 Second Rule. You can watch Diddy's interview and game of 5 Second Rule from The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Watch Diddy's Interview From The Ellen Show

Diddy and Ellen DeGeneres Play 5 Second Rule

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