Did Sarah Silverman's Baba Booey Shout Out At The DNC Make Stern Show History?

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It looks like Sarah Silverman is responsible one of the biggest pieces of Stern Show history that was recently made when she gave a Baba Booey shout out at the end of her DNC speech.

"Howard said there was a huge moment in Howard Stern Show history. Howard said Sarah Silverman made a speech at the Democratic National Convention and threw in a Baba Booey at the end," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said that Sarah was talking about how the Bernie supporters have to get over it and support Hillary so they can defeat Trump. Howard said this might be the greatest Baba Booey shout out ever."

Silverman was scolding "Bernie or Bust" supporters during her speech, which is what most of the media has been running with today. However, in the Stern Show universe, a Baba Booey mention at the Democratic National Convention is pretty big.

Meanwhile, Stern pointed out that Baba Booey is becoming a part of everything, including sports.

Thanks to Silverman's mention, there has been a new piece of Stern Show history made and you can check it out in the video below, which features the full Sarah Silverman speech from the DNC.

Watch Sarah Silverman Mention Baba Booey At The DNC (5:23)