Did Pewdiepie Just Launch His Own Line of Socks? The Picture You Need to See

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Pewdiepie, Sweden's biggest vlogger just capitalized on his still rising fame and popularity by launching his own line of sock and officially becoming a foot model.

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How did the socks get launched? Pewdiepie recently teamed up with Sweden's biggest brand for socks, Happy Socks, to launch a one-of-a-kind limited edition of socks pairs. These include delightful patterns such as the "brofist," "wave," and "pugs," socks.

Pewdiepie himself can be seen modeling his limited edition sock pairs, pushing his way into the arena of becoming a foot model.

Previously, Happy Socks has launched a number of limited edition sock lines though we have to say this is definitely a particularly creative partnership.

Prior to this, Pewdiepie had already leveraged his YouTube popularity and nearly 50 million subscriber fan base that he's dubbed the "Bro Army" to launch a book, appear on popular Japanese anime series, and sell both apparel for both men and women.

Recently, however Pewdiepie has also generated waves with his announcement that he's going to be quitting YouTube. Based on changes the site has made to his videos, Pewdiepie announced his decision to delete his channel.

Reportedly, Pewdiepie says he'll be making the bold move once his channel actually reaches 50 million subscribers. According to one source, his plan isn't necessarily to leave YouTube, but rather, start fresh with a whole new channel.

According to Forbes, in 2015, Pewdiepie earned $7.4 million and also raised $1 million for charities such as the World Wildlife Fund , St. Jude, Save the Children, and Charity: Water.

Our take on the socks? There's no question they're quintessentially Pewdiepie with their bright colors and eccentric patterns. They're staying true to Pewdiepie's brand but are also made to add a little holiday cheer to anyone's stockings.