Did Fans Response Cause Kendrick Lamar To Remove 'i' From The New Album?

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By now the media has reported on Kendrick Lamar's surprise album pre-order that hit iTunes last week and many have even stated that the first single "i" is not present on the tracklist.

So what could have caused Lamar to ditch the song, or is it just in hiding?

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When Lamar first released "i," fans either loved it because of the catchy, experimental almost pop sound it possessed or they ridiculed him for selling out, changing too much and asked for the old K. Dot to return. The majority of fans who listened to the track did not take to it as they did his previous hits and his album good kid m.A.A.d.

city. Even Lamar's first album Section 80. was a rebellious tale about life in a dangerous part of the U.S. and growing up around violence and infidelities.

Then, out of nowhere Lamar unleashed what was one of the most vicious songs he's ever released with "The Blacker The Berry." Fans buzzed about how great it was, how much more worthy it was of buzz than control, how deep it was and how many won't get the song right away.

It was Lamar back in his rebellious stage addressing not only the struggles of African Americans and a hypocrisy that he struggled with in addressing the murders of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Now fans have been treated to a hidden track-listing and release date via iTunes, from the artist looking to follow up some of the hottest pieces of Hip-Hop artistry that was his previous albums. While "The Blacker The Berry" is the only track shown on the album, "i" is missing.

Looking back on his interview with Rikki Martinez of LA's Power 106 interview where he stated that "comments will kill an artist," it's not too far to wonder whether or not that statement is the reason listeners don't see the song on the track-listing.

So did Lamar listen to the fans who didn't care too much for "i" and drop it from the album, or is it still a track featured but for one reason or another he is choosing to keep it hidden from the list? It's not a complete loss for fans who enjoyed the track and want to listen because it has always been available on iTunes. If Lamar or his label chose to remove the track because of the negative comments towards it, he will have folded to something he knew all too well was possible. It's not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing.

As an artist the fans are the major diving factor in your success. If an artist chooses to take their fans advice it simply means them giving the people what they want.

It's been well documented that artists have often strayed away from their own advice. Take Drake for example.

Do you remember a time where he clearly stated, "diss me and you'll never hear a reply for it," on his verse on "Successful," a break out track from his first mixtape "So Far Gone?" He ate those words when he first beefed with Common and more recently with fellow Young Money artist, Tyga.

It just goes to show that at some point, no matter how an artist may feel about their craft or something they said in the past, there is always a change that occurs that makes them rethink their statements or actions.

However, for all the media and fans know, the song could still be on the album and Lamar is just leading fans to wonder what the overall sound will be.

As of right now it looks like fans and critics will just have to wait until March 23 to find out exactly what they are in for as that is currently the tentative release date listed on iTunes.

Hopefully, Lamar shakes things up once again in Hip-Hop with some thought provoking and scandalous lyrics.

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