Did Ellen DeGeneres Leak Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's Wedding Plans?

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It's been a little while since Gwen Stefani's last visit to The Ellen Show, however, this time around some wedding plans may have been accidentally revealed. During her interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Stefani also chatted about her tour and sons.

Stefani said she had been on tour so she hadn't gotten the chance to hang out with DeGeneres. She has four more shows to go and said it was magical.

It was a crazy year for her and she told DeGeneres she had a huge exchange of love that were a reflection of her heart. All of this and she was seven years removed from touring and music.

She toured with her sons and said that it was cool to see dads who were tatted up, attending the show with their daughter. Stefani said the kids believe they are going on tour in October but they aren't.

She expressed how grateful she was to all of the fans who came out.

While she is no longer on The Voice, her boyfriend Blake Shelton is and she said it was good to have him in LA and surreal to be on set while she isn't a part of the show anymore. Meanwhile, DeGeneres said that Stefani needed to tell her when the wedding is and the funny thing is, Stefani never really denied them.

It was all in good fun so who knows when Stefani and Shelton will tie the knot.

In the meantime you can catch Stefani in the new film Trolls, as well as her song on the soundtrack for the film. Watch Gwen Stefani's interview with Ellen DeGeneres in the video below.

Gwen Stefani Lets Ellen DeGeneres In On Her Wedding Plans