Did 50 Cent Admit to Having Sex with Taraji P. Henson?

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It looks like 50 Cent is firing back at Empire and in the process exposing Taraji P. Henson in the process, as a recent Instagram post alludes to the fact that he allegedly "hit that."

During an episode of Empire, the shows main character Cookie, played by Henson, called 50 Cent thirsty. 50 caught whim of the line and began firing back.

In his Instagram post, 50 is taken back by the fact that the show would refer to him as thirsty, he particularly mentioned Cookie but not the real woman behind the character.

"Man me and Cookie go way back, you know I hit that," said 50 Cent in his Instagram post. He even went as far as to tag Henson in the caption of the post, where he says "love you girl," adding a few emoji's.

This totally leads us to believe that 50 is clearly joking about it and didn't really "hit that." The dead giveaway is the fact that he chooses to mention Cookie's name rather than Henson.

However, his intentions towards dissing Empire might still be there after a follow up post.

The post featured a meme of two of Power's main characters with text saying, "F*ck Empire, tell em' we said," with more text cut off from the post. Good move 50, we saw what you did there.


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