Dennis Quaid Talks 'A Dog's Purpose' On-Set Video On The Ellen Show

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The upcoming film A Dog's Purpose is facing backlash after a video shows an animal being forced into turbulent waters.

One of the film's stars and Hollywood great, Dennis Quaid, stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about the film and the video that surfaced.

DeGeneres introduced Quaid and wanted to get right into the film and how much hope it gives you. It's also a very inspiring story for animal lovers. Quaid began to tear up as he explained the film and his personal love for animals.

DeGeneres admits that it is emotional and both she and Portia de Rossi loved it. The host said that both she and Quaid learned about the video that popped up at the same time.

She explained the video and said that it broke DeGeneres, Quaid and the director's hearts when they saw it. Quaid said he would never be on a set that had any sort of abuse towards animals or people.

He said he doesn't think the video tells the whole story. He knows his experience on the set and said all of the animals were treated with the greatest respect and care.

DeGeneres said that if something bad was happening back in 2015 when the video was shot, it should have been said then. She said that waiting until the movie is about to come out is not the way to go about it.

You can learn more about the film and controversy in The Ellen Show video below. A Dog's Purpose is set to release on Friday, January 27.

Dennis Quaid Talks 'A Dog's Purpose' On-Set Video On The Ellen Show

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