'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'White Knights' Season 1 Episode 4, Rip's Decision

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This week CWTV's hit DC's Legends of Tomorrow heats up. In "White Knights," episode four of season one Rip is confronted by the Time Masters who offer him a way to escape punishment for his crime.

Vandal Savage uses the Iron Curtain as his hiding place in the 1980's and nuclear scientists begin disappearing. In order to stop Vandal, the team travels through time to get a jump on Savage's next target during his time in the Soviet Union. While Ray has suffered the loss of his fiance and lost Felicity to Oliver, he meets Valentina Vostock, a highly attractive Soviet scientist. Ray begins to become smitten with Valentina and tries to strengthen their bond, however Leonard might also have his eye on the gorgeous scientist.

With Carter out of the picture, Kendra needs a new trainer, so, Rip turns to Sara, whose skills speak for themselves. The Firestorm matrix comes under serious danger when Stein tries to push Jax to perfect his grasp of training.

Jax however, doesn't do well with the pressure and things get a little shaky for Firestorm.

The episode began as the team arrives in Washington D.C. 1986 in the heart of the Cold War. Rip tells the team that they have to steal original documents from the Pentagon in order to find out where Savage is. Leonard and Ray get access into the building and Leonard uses his slick and sly tricks to steal a key card, and, well, a wallet while he's at it.

Kendra and Sara use the keycard to enter a room where the officials are being distracted by Mick's arm-wrestling match. Firestorm cuts the power but something goes wrong.

Stein scolds him but the alarm is set off.

The rest of the team has been exposed and when Rip calls everyone back to the ship, they notice that Kendra has lost it. She goes on attacking all of the guards without remorse.

The team tries to convince Rip that everyone did well despite the mishaps. Stein and Jax are at each other's nerves and Rip tells the team they are lucky that the Pentagon tries to hide attacks like this. They figure out that Savage is in the Soviet Union and set out.

However, the Wave Rider is being tailed by Chronos and they are forced to go on the defense. The Soviet air force also gets involved and Rip sees it as an opportunity to gain the upper-hand.

He cuts the engines just before the heat seeking missiles from the air force hit the Wave Rider and it sends them into Chronos' ship. Rip then tells the team to strap in and prepare for a crash landing.

The ship crashes but is still fully operational. Stein makes a joke about revoking Rip's pilot license and Rip says he doesn't have one. Stein has gone through all of the files and he and Ray figure out that Valentina is a suspect.

Ray suggests approaching her as a scientist before they go about killing her. Rip presents them Ray with a way for him to communicate with Valentina in Russian. Leonard is enlisted to be Ray's backup.

Sara tells Rip that they have a problem with Kendra and that they need to get her under control. Rip says he has the perfect candidate for the job but Sara says she doesn't want the job. Rip tells her that Kendra needs someone to get her warrior side under control and Sara still thinks it's a bad idea.

Leonard and Ray are in position and Ray strikes out with Valentina at first. She is not interested in dinner with him and walks away. Leonard mocks his team member.

Kendra unloads her feelings on Sara and tells her that she can't control herself. She tells Sara that she doesn't want to risk losing control. Sara hands her a weapon and tells her to find out whether or not she can control it.

They begin training as Rip gets news from Gideon that Chronos is still alive. Rip sends Heatwave to help him do some dirty work.

Leonard tells Ray maybe he should try with Valentina and when Ray strikes out again, Leonard steps in. He gets so far with Valentina that she asks him to walk her home instead of going to the show.

When Mick and Rip run into who they believed was Chronos, they find the Time Master in his place. He tells Rip that he was asked to retrieve Chronos who he says is dead. The Time Master tries to convince Rip that what he is doing is wrong.

He offers him a bargain which would mean that he would be acquitted of all charges.

The team would be returned to their time periods.

Rip tells the Time Master that he would consult his team and when he asks what happens if he doesn't, he is told that he would be beyond the Time Master's help.

Mick tells Rip that he got a pretty good offer and that his own friend plans on killing him. Mick says that he is going to take a pass. Meanwhile, Kendra is getting her butt kicked by Sara and Sara tells Kendra that she has to channel her anger and and focus on her opponent.

Sara pushes Kendra and is hurt momentarily. However, when Kendra comes to and tries to see if Sara is okay, Sara goes on the attack and almost chokes out Kendra. She snaps out of it and walks off.

Leonard and Valentina arrive at her apartment and she invites him up but he says he has business elsewhere. Valentina leaves him with a kiss and Leonard asks Ray if he enjoyed the view. Ray asks Leonard if he had any luck and when Leonard doesn't have any information Ray thinks it is all lost. However, Leonard managed to swipe Valentina's keycard so all is not lost.

Rip presents Jax and Stein with the bargain that he was presented. Jax tells him not to throw in the towel and Stein seemed to agree.

Rip tells them that they all have to figure out whether the future is worth fighting for at this point.

Rip returns to the Time Master and asks for forgiveness. Chronos is actually alive and the Time Master has Rip where he wants him.

The Time Master says that he wants to make sure Rip doesn't die alone but before anything else can go down, Firestorm and Heatwave come in for the save. Jax doesn't listen to Stein and a hit from Chronos causes them to separate. Everyone is okay except for Jax who collapses in their arms. The team returns with an injured Jax and Stein is still on his case for getting his body hurt.

Jax says Stein doesn't care about him and he is just a life support system. Jax tells Stein that he had a mom, a widow who will think that he left her without saying goodbye.

Stein says they all made sacrifices and Jax tells him to stop using a tone as if he is his father.

Stein tells Jax if his father was alive he would tell him to grow up and Stein says that people can't die for his own adolescent humor.

Ray approaches Stein and Stein tells him not to tell him that he was too harsh. The truth is, Stein doesn't want to lose another partner and have to go back home to tell Jax's mother that he died. Rip reveals to Kendra that he though the two of them training would be mutually beneficial.

He thought it would help Sara find her human side and Kendra control her own. Kendra approaches Sara and asks her to begin training again but Sara is reluctant; scared that she might kill Kendra.

Kendra tells Sara that she has to embrace her inner goddess and coaxes her into battle the same way that Sara did to her. Stein and Rip hunter go over a plan to enter Valentina's plan. Stein volunteers to get into the lab and grab the information that the team needs.

Rip goes against it but Stein decides to go anyway. Stein makes his way into the basement and uses the keycard Leonard stole.

It works and he arrives in an area where it looks like Savage is trying to build more Firestorms, Soviet Firestorms.

Stein dives deeper into the labs and figures out that there is already a thermocore built. Stein says he's not leaving without it because it's a key to a dangerous future. Rip advises Stein to wait for help and Ray and Leonard are right on the job. Ray has to stabilize the core so that Stein can go in and neutralize it. However, things get complicated when Valentina arrives and is headed towards the lab. Ray tells Leonard they need to save Valentina because she can be killed if she walks into the lab at the wrong time.

Leonard is highly against it but agrees anyway. Stein actually sees cosmic energy and Leonard tries to warn Valentina, however, she flips the script and shows her evil side. She uses Leonard's life as a wager and tells Ray to push the button.

Leonard tells him not to but he does anyway. Stein is in trouble and before Ray can finish the warning, he is attacked by Soviet soldiers.

Jax comes in on the intercom and tells Stein not to risk his life. Stein tells him that he risked Jax's life many times and that it is time to risk his. He succeeds but he is too weak to make it out on his own. He leaves the chamber and is greeted by Valentina and her soldiers. She tells him that they have a lot to discuss.

Stein is captured and Valentina tells Leonard that Savage would like to meet him and his friends. Leonard tells her to be careful of what she wishes for and the cavalry arrives but Mick is shot and fighting off blows from the soldiers. Leonard tells Rip to get backup but Rip tells him that he has to retreat.

He tells Leonard if the thermocore gets back in the hands of the Soviet they are in trouble. Leonard is forced to leave Stein, Ray and Mick in captivity.

Leonard is not pleased with Rip after his decision and aims his cold gun at him. Rip tells him before he pulls the trigger, he should ask himself what he would do. Leonard tells him that criminals have a code to never leave a man behind and Rip says they will get them back.

Rip lets Kendra and Sara in on what has transpired and that Savage can't learn how to turn Stein's power against them or else the world will be beyond saving. The bad news is that their team members are being held in an impenetrable containment facility.

The soldier who locks Stein up tells him that the safety of his friends depends on his cooperation.

"White Knights" finds the DC's Legends of Tomorrow team facing yet another test in their cohesion and ability to work as a team. Savage is still being hunted by the team but at what point will their hunt be over? The show is showing strong character dynamics and non-stop action.

It's very fast paced but never so fast that it causes confusion. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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