'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Star City 2046' Season 1 Episode 6, Where is Green Arrow?

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Last week fans of CWTV's DC's Legends of Tomorrow were teased with what could be the best episode all season thus far.

In "Star City 2046" episode six of season one, the team is exposed to a very unfamiliar version of Star city.

In the previous episode, the Waverider came crashing into 2046 Star City thanks to Chronos' semi-successful attack. Star City 2046 is a painful vision of what will happen if the team does not defeat Vandal Savage and find their way home. It's utter mess and criminals have taken over and Mick doesn't seem to see anything wrong with it.

The crew was not greeted by the original Oliver Queen and upon learning what happened to the real Green Arrow, Sara is left in shock.

The team also meets up with a new villain by the name of Deathstroke and the odds are pretty stacked against them when it comes to helping the future Star City.

The episode kicks into gear as the team realizes that they are in 2046. They meet up with a new Green Arrow. He doesn't quite recognize them and has no idea what Ray is talking about when it comes to Rip's recruitment.

He goes on the attack and starts shooting arrows at the Legends on Tomorrow.

Rip starts shooting back and Sara tells him that it can't be the Green Arrow. She says it's not Oliver Queen and the rest of the team doesn't feel like getting hit with arrows.

They return to the ship and he tells them that the events that they dread may have come true because of the steps they took to fix it. He tells them their best bet is to fix the Waverider and get back to making sure 2046 Star City isn't what they are currently facing.

Jax is tasked with fixing the ship and Rip sents Mick and Leonard out on a mission to retrieve an artifact.

Sara elects to go and Rip tries to stop her but she is so adamant about going she threatens to fight Rip.

Kendra, Ray, Stein and Jax are working on the ship and when Jax tries to get a little help from Kendra, he is blocked by Stein who says that he will help him while Ray and Kendra work on Gideon. Rip, Sara, Mick and Leonard are walking through the city and she is thinking that maybe everyone she knew including team Arrow is dead. Back at the ship, Kendra and Ray seem to be flirting a bit and Jax and Stein can actually here them. Stein reacts and asks for professionalism but he realizes it's because Jax is actually jealous.

Stein knows that Jax likes her but Jax doesn't think he has a chance with Kendra. He says his competition is way too strong in Ray and Carter.

Stein tells him to have confidence and he has to put himself out there for good things to happen.

Back outside, criminals are running the streets and Mick actually says that it is beautiful. Rip says they need to find another root and they watch as the Arrow takes out thugs in the street. That is until he is hit.

Sara takes off to help him and Rip follows but orders Leonard and Mick to stay put. They have their eyes set on a bank but run into some trouble from some thugs.

They are attacked by the group of thugs but Mick shows off his Heatwave gun and they are immediately impressed. He takes down their boss then leaves Leonard behind for his new pack.

Sara corners the new Arrow who tells Sara that Oliver is dead and she is immediately upset. He tells her no one has seen Oliver since the uprising 15 years ago. Then out of nowhere, Deathstroke reveals himself stating that he was the one who brought the army to the uprising. Sara demands to know how Deathstroke got off of Lian Yu.

Rip comes in to help and Sara finally calls Deathstroke by his real name Slade. Only, it's not Slade, it's Slade's son.

Sara says that his father was insane and it seems to run in the family. Deathstroke says he will enjoy killing her and they find themselves surrounded, however, they pull and Arrow move and they take off.

Kendra is having a hard time fixing the ship and she seems impressed that he is working on a spaceship from the future. He tells her if she ever needs any help putting a bookcase together she knows who to call. Meanwhile, Stein tries to talk to Ray about possibly flirting with Kendra but Ray says he hadn't thought of her that way.

He says he hasn't really spent much time together with Kendra and Stein says it's all the more reason to avoid personal attachment.

Ray doesn't seem interested in Kendra and Stein is delighted to hear that, or is it Jax's brain.

Mick is enjoying his new digs when Leonard asks for a moment of his time. Leonard says they need to get back to Rip and Sara because he is not putting down roots there. However, Mick doesn't want to leave. He uses Leonard's own works of scoring everyday against him and refuses to lose. The new Green Arrow tells Sara that Oliver did what he could but it was too much. Rip tells Sara he knows she wants to help but he begs her to stay focused on their mission.

Before they leave, they learned that a lot of Felicity's projects were moved. They make their way to the old lair and it looks like ruins. Apparently Oliver's identity was out.

Then out of nowhere, Oliver emerges and tells them all to get out. He is much older and missing an arm. He recognizes Sara and says, "hello Sara, long time no see."

Sara approaches Oliver and tells him that everyone things he is dead. Oliver says he is not wrong and Oliver asks John to put the arrow down. John is actually Diggle's son and he says he had been trying to hold the city by himself because he though Oliver was dead.

Sara asks what happened to her dad, Laurel and Felicity. He tells them they are all gone and that maybe if Sara and Ray were there they could have made the difference.

Oliver says that Felicity left after the uprising and gives up the warehouse where Felicity's projects are being held.

Stein tells Jax that his love-life is not in danger and Jax leaves to check on Kendra. Ray returns and thanks Stein because he realized that maybe he does have some sort of attraction to Kendra. Ray says they are all adults there and getting to know each other a little better won't stop them from saving the world. Stein knows he's in trouble.

Mick's party comes to a halt when Deathstroke comes in and orders the Arrow, Sara and Rip dead. He seems to be calling the shots and Mick realizes that he is not in charge.

Leonard tells Mick that they are going to kill their friends and they actually almost go at it with the guns.

He tells Mick to help him get to Rip and Sara first before they have their conversation and Mick agrees.

Sara asks Rip if he knew that Star City would be in this state. He tells her that he thought that might be the state but if they are able to alter everything, she can return and this would have never happened. Rip tells her that that world isn't real but Sara tells him they should split up and goes off wondering on their own.

She finds a bag and when she opens it she smiles. Rip seems to have stumbled upon the tech they need but an explosion occurs.

The new Arrow is helping Sara and Rip and Mick and Leonard join. However, something goes wrong and Conor Diggle/Hawke is kidnapped.

Sara notices that it's Grant Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke's men. Rip tries to convince Sara not to go after Conor but she doesn't seem to want to listen. Mick and Leonard have their chat and Leonard says there is too much competition there. Mick feels otherwise and when he turns his back Leonard knocks him out.

Rip finds them and says they need to get Mick and the tech back to the Waverider. Jax and Stein are working on the ship and Jax realizes that Stein feels guilty about something. Stein admits that he might have prompted Ray to think of Kendra in ways which he might not have before.

Jax tells Stein it's cool and says nothing really changed. Jax learned that he should still have confidence.

The team returns to the ship and Stein notices that something is wrong with Sara. She tells them about Oliver and his missing hand and says taht they should stay and help. Jax and Stein take Sara's side and Rip argues that changing the future is much more dangerous that the past.

She tells Rip that his family are in the future and they are trying to save them.

Rip says he is not the one being selfish and she tells him to go to Hell.

He tells her if she wants to help save Conor to go ahead and he will keep the ship there for one hour, after that, they are on their own.

Leonard has Mick trapped and he reminds him that he is the brain and Mick is the muscles. Mick realizes it's not about the score for Leonard. He would rather save the world. Mick wants to know what else there is to get. Leonard says they would be the two baddest sons of bitches alive.

Mick says he doesn't want a parade and it Leonard lays a hand on him again, he will burn. Meanwhile, Sara returns to the old lair and tells Oliver that Conor has been taken.

He tells her that Conor knew what he was getting into when he signed up. However, Sara does her best to convince Oliver to come out of retirement.

Rip asks Stein if the ship is ready for departure and Stein says no because Sara is not back yet. Rip says he gave them one hour but Stein tells Rip that to Sara Star City 2046 is very real. Gideon tells Rip that they could potentially be marooned in 2046 and Stein asks Rip what the point of stopping Savage is if they become as immoral as he is. Grant is holding Conor and readying him for an execution but he is stopped when a guard presents Sara. Grant asks what she was thinking and she tells him it was her job to distract him. Oliver emerges with a mechanical arm and begins his assault along with Conor and Sara.

Conor is squaring off with Deathstroke and when he is taken out Oliver saves him. Oliver then turns his attention to Deathstroke. The rest of the team comes in and begins taking all of the thugs out.

Oliver seems to be losing but he gets some help from Conor. Oliver stands over Wilson who is now defeated.

He stands above the entire team and Oliver tells Conor it was nice shooting on his part and passes the Green Arrow torch to him. Oliver returns to the lair and tells the team they have a lot of work to do. Sara says she feels like she should stay but Oliver tells her it's important that she goes.

Oliver says he is not alone and tells her that he never really is careful. She gives Oliver a hug and tells Conor to watch Oliver's back.

Back at the ship Jax is trying to work up his confidence and make his way towards Kendra but he comes in on Ray asking Kendra out for a drink. She says it's okay but three months ago she was a normal person now she is a hawk goddess trying to find the man she was destined to be with. She declines Ray's advancement and he seems a bit hurt.

Ray walks out and he sees Jax who is excessively checking the ship. Ray notices that Jax overheard what happened and they apologize to each other and playfully joke about which one she might have picked.

Sara thanks Rip for staying to help and he tells her that he learned every future is worth fighting for. He tells her that the mission will continue to present them with difficult choices and he needs to know if she is part of the team. She says she is.

Mick says he is going to miss Star City 2046 and when Ray says it seems like his people, Mick says he doesn't know who his people are anymore. Then, the team takes their seats and take off into time.

"Star City 2046" is another one of those episodes that link the three CWTV superhero shows together in a seamless way. The introduction of Deathstroke was also pretty cool and they seem do have done a spot on job with his outfit.

Another solid episode in the books for DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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