'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'River of Time' Season 1 Episode 14, Savage is Loose

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Vandal Savage looks to stir things up on CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. In "River of Time," episode 14 of season 1, the team tries to figure out what they will do with their captives, Savage and Carter.

After locking Vandal Savage in a cell, the team has to decide what to do with him. Kendra still seems to be banking on the idea that Savage could reunite her with Carter, despite her promise to Ray.

This incites a whole new problem for their love story as Carter is also being held captive on the Waverider.

Rip makes the executive decision of giving Savage to the Time Masters in hopes that it could help clear them from running, however, Leonard and Mick don't like that option.

Things get even worse for Ray as Savage makes a mockery of his relationship with Kendra. How will Rip, Jax, Sara, Leonard, Mick, Ray and Kendra defeat this evil?

The episode kicks off in Egypt 1700 B.C., Savage visits Rip in his cell demanding to find out who he is. Rip tells Savage he will never give up trying to kill him.

Rip remembers Savages last work and in present day, the team is still debating on murdering Savage. Leonard says Savage is a threat to everyone on the ship but Kendra doesn't want to leave Carter in his state.

Ray, Stein and Jax come in and reveal a loophole in the entire fate for Savage. Rip says that it is possible for them to turn Savage in because he could create an event the Time Masters try to prevent.

Rip meets with Savage and has a back and forth conversation on Savages motives.

Savage says that Rip may be a Time Master but he is a master of time and is playing a far deeper game than he can comprehend.

When he leaves Savage, Rip demands that Gideon set them to safety. Kendra and Ray are having a chat wit Carter who demands to be let go.

Kendra tries to convince him who he really is but he says if they let him go he will show them mercy but still kill them.

Rip is trying to reach the vanishing point and Sara is worried that Rip is pushing the ship too hard. Rip promises Sara that the ship will be able to handle it.

The ship begins to fall apart as the time drive needs repairs.

Stein, Jax, and Rip are going to have to try to make repairs but Stein is scared that they could be stuck. He is also worried that Savage being on the ship poses danger to them all.

Sara checks on Savage and he taunts her by bringing up her sister. He then tells Sara that Rip selected them for the mission because they are all people he could manipulate.

Rip gives Jax directions to fix the ship but Stein is worried that Jax might be exposed to too much radiation. He opens the door and there is an explosion.

Jax wakes up at his old job with his mother standing over him. Jax promises that he will be there at his grandmother's dinner.

He says he needs to visit a friend at university before they leave. In present day, Stein and Rip rescue Jax whose body is aging fast posing a threat to his life.

Leonard tells Mick he is getting a bad feeling about everything. Rip urges Gideon to get to work on repairing the internals of the ship. He is holding out hope that the timeline and his family's future could be changed.

Sara walks in and asks him if he expected different. Rip says Savage's words to her were not too far off.

He admits that he sent Jax on a suicide mission so that he could save himself. Sara says they are with a captain who cares more about himself than his crew.

Ray asks Kendra if she is sure about trying to remind Carter of who he was. Kendra tells Carter they were together, happy and a family. Carter attacks Kendra and Ray is forced to save her.

He delivers one more punch and tells Kendra to stay away from him. He says he is going to end this.

Ray visits Savage and demands to know how to free Carter's mind. Savage says as soon as he releases Carter he will lose Kendra. Savage says that he and Ray are a lot alike. Ray says they are not alike and Savage murdered both Kendra and Carter.

Savage says he loved Kendra deeply and his crime was one of passion. He blames Carter for the happiness that he and Kendra had.

Ray refuses to believe that and says Carter is a good man and Savage is his only enemy. Savage says the have the same enemy and if Carter is free, he will lose Kendra.

Ray has a flashback of seeing Felicity in her wheelchair. Felicity tells him she thinks Ray is going on a suicide mission after Savage. She says he needs to come back to the world.

Ray says he will after he defeats Savage. Felicity tells him maybe the future Mrs. Palmer is out there somewhere.

Ray then walks up on Kendra appealing to Carter's emotions and when Kendra sees him, she immediately knows what she has done wrong. She calls for him but Ray just walks away.

Kendra finally catches up to Ray and tries to tell him that she was just trying to help Carter.

Ray tells her that Savage was right and loving Kendra is like a curse. He tells Kendra he doesn't think he can do this anymore.

Kendra can't say anything to change Ray's mind and he walks away. Jax has aged to a 65-year-old man and his health is getting worst.

Leonard and Mick says it is all Rip's fault. Leonard says they aren't waiting around for Jax to get worst, he says Jax deserves better.

Leonard and Mick visit Rip and tell him they saw what he did to Jax. Rip asks them for a little faith but they want to kill Savage immediately.

Sara joins in and agrees with Leonard and Mick. After Rip tells them they are welcome to leave both Leonard and Mick take off. Sara thinks about it and says she was never one to run from a fight.

Sara has a flashback of seeing Nyssa again. Sara promises to get Nyssa out of her cell because she is in there because of her.

Nyssa says if Sara loves her she will leave her and never worry about her again.

Stein visits Savage and asks him if he remembers celebrating the acquisition of Carter's body. Stein wants Savage to transfer his immortality to Jax in order to save him.

Savage says they would need Carter's blood. Stein says that Savage is trying to pit Ray and himself against Carter. Stein says it won't work and he has a solution to their problem.

Stein leads Jax to the jumpship which he has adjusted. Stein says Jax needs to take a trip through the time stream to alter his aging.

He says he was thinking of himself when he lured him on to the ship, now he is thinking of Jax. Stein sends Jax off and tells him to give his wife his best.

Stein has a flashback to speaking with his wife. He tells her that his experiment involves time travel and promises to be home before she knows it.

He tells her that he loves her and that there is nothing that drives him more than that.

In present day, Leonard and Mick are not happy that Stein sent Jax off in the jump ship that they were going to use. Stein manages to reason with them. Ray visits Savage and tells him that Kendra is free to do what she wants.

Savage calls Ray weak and dares Ray to open the cell and face him like a man. Ray opens the cell and delivers a punch to Savage. He then goes off on him even more.

Savage gets the upper-hand on Ray and chokes him out. He escapes his captivity and begins to make his way around the ship.

As Rip and Sara fix the ship's primary functions. The team is in the room when Ray stumbles in and says Savage has escaped. Leonard, Mick and Ray are instructed to get Savage back into captivity.

Rip tells Stein that he needs to adjust the ship as Sara navigates. Meanwhile, the guys are in a shootout with Savage and Ray and Kendra are going after Carter. Rip steers the ship upon Sara's orders.

Savage takes out Leonard and Mick and then takes out Ray who left Kendra to battle Carter. Rip says he will go check on them and in the meantime Sara is going to have to drive the ship.

Carter and Savage gang up on Kendra to kill her, however, before Savage could kill her, Carter regains all of his memories and begins a heavy onslaught on him before he is taken out by Savage all over again. Kendra gets up knocks out Savage.

Rip tells her that Carter is still alive and that she saved them all.

Sara has steered them to the Time Masters base and thanks the team. The ship is taken ahold of and they receive a message from his home.

He orders an assembly of the council and says he is here to justify his crimes.

Rip guides Savage off of the ship and explains that the guards in the vanishing point won't be easily swayed like he tried to sway the team.

Kendra walks in on Ray watching over Carter. Kendra says she wishes things could be different.

Ray says he wishes it could to but a broken heart is just what the doctor ordered. Ray thanks he for showing him that it is possible to find love.

Rip interrupts the Time Masters Council to deliver Savage. He presents proof that Savage has been engaged in the manipulation of time.

The council is impressed with Rip and and asks the prisoner to step forward. However, they return him to Earth immediately.

They are going to send him back to 2166 and Rip now knows that the council is in league with Savage.

Sara and Leonard are enjoying so time when Leonard hears a commotion. He tells her they need to find somewhere to hide. Soldiers are searching for the rest of the team.

They find Mick and place him under arrest along with Ray. Rip is already in holding and Savage tells Rip he is his prisoner once again.

Savage says he has been waiting very long to meet Rip's family and he wouldn't miss it for the world. This sends Rip mad banging on the walls of the cell.

"River of Time" once again pushes the limits of the team in CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Their differing opinions often seem to bring out the best and the worst in them. How will they continue to fight Savage? Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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