'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Progeny' Season 1 Episode 10, Morals Are Tested

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Now that the team is back together again, CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow is now preparing fans for an exiting final stretch.

In "Progeny," episode 10 of season 1, the team is back together but become morally separated when they are faced with taking a life.

Rip briefs the team on a mission to take out a child who would later on become Vandal Savage's greatest allies, Per Degaton. The ally happens to be one of the major keys to Savage gaining control of the world, however, the team is morally devastated when Rip tells them they will have to take out a 14-year-old boy. Sara helps Leonard get through one of his most troubling patches with the team yet.

Ray uncovers some information that could jeopardize any further he was with Kendra. Jax and Stein continue to contribute to being voices of reason, meanwhile, Mick is still in the team's possession and Rip turns to him for help.

The episode kicked off as Rip visits Mick in his holding area. He asks if he is comfortable and whether or not he responds to Chronos or not. The real reason for the visit is for Mick's help. Rip says he owes him an apology because he failed him.

He reveals that he was the one that asked Leonard to deal with him. Mick says if it makes him feel any better, he wants to kill the both of them. Suddenly the ship arrives in the Kasnia Conglomerate.

Rip says that in 20 years time Kasnia will be one of the strongholds for Savage. He tells Sara and Jax that that 20 years from 2147 Savage will take over unless they can stop it. The rest of the team ventures out into the future as Rip tells them about Per Degaton, a tyrant who killed many with a virus.

They come up on Ray's Atom suit being used robotically. Per Degaton's father uses them to keep order.

Rip, Sara and Leonard try to find a way into the stockholders meeting but only Rip is allowed in. Inside, shareholders are trying to convince Per Degaton's father that he must thin the herd because of the food riots and heightened crime. Savage is there as well but he fails to make an impression.

Savage leaves the room and Rip follows him. Savage runs into Per Degaton and seems to have a great relationship with him. They discuss his father's inability to rule and then move on to talk about his studies.

Rip returns to the ship and debriefs the team about how Savage will kill Per Degaton in the future after the virus is released.

Kendra and Sara want to know how Rip plans on stopping Per Degaton and he says it's quite simple.

Leonard answers and says, "by killing the little bastard themselves." Stein says to be clear they are thinking of murdering a child and Jax adds that Per Degaton hasn't done a thing to anyone yet.

The team goes over plenty of options but Leonard and Rip seem like the only two that is onboard with killing the child. Stein asks what separates Rip for Savage if he takes the life of the boy and Rip decides they could remove him from the timeline.

Stein and Ray decide that they will take out the Atom posers that are terrorizing the people of Kasnia. The rest of the team will be responsible for kidnapping Per Degaton.

Ray notices that Kendra seems a bit off and she says that it's Savage. He says Savage is so close she can feel him. When he leaves, Kendra fantasizes about Carter in a past time. They have a conversation about thinking it's time for them to go away. As they argue their son walks out of his room.

The arguing stops and Kendra snaps back into present day. Meanwhile, Leonard and the team of kidnappers are awaiting the arrival of the future tyrant.

Leonard spots him and so does Sara.

Leonard says she should just shoot him, however, she takes out a guard and Rip takes his place. Leonard then distracts and takes out the rest of the guards as Rip takes Per Degaton away.

Ray, Jax and Stein are learning about how his technology was altered to become policers. Ray then realizes that she is talking to his great great great granddaughter. Ray returns to the ship and he is pretty upset that his robots are going to be used to destroy the world.

Jax reminds him about his granddaughter and he tries to retraced his steps to find who the mother of his daughter could be. He says the last person he was seeing left him and if he had stayed in 2016 he could have been someones father.

Kendra runs into Ray in the hallway and he is very short and weird with her.

Her memory continues as she and Carter plan to leave their current spot. She wants to know how they explain to their son that they have to move around and change their names all of the time. Carter says all he knows is that Savage isn't the only thing that is immortal. Back in reality, Sara and Rip are watching over Per Degaton.

However, removing Per Degaton from the timeline doesn't do anything for the future. Savage still destroys the world. The team argues about killing Per Degaton again but Jax and Sara convince Rip to try and talk to him.

Sara walks into Mick's cell and she says she is there because they are all arguing about killing a kid. She says it made her think of him and that the only reason he is in there is because no one trusts him. Mick says he will get his revenge but Sara tells Mick that Leonard was just looking out for him and is a loyal friend.

Mick doesn't bite on the session and says that killing a kid is not very hero-like. Savage meets with Degaton's father and Savage tells him that the ones who kidnapped his son are not from the time.

Savage decides that he will take on the team because he says the Legends of Tomorrow are weak. Meanwhile, at the ship Rip seems to come close to killing Per Degaton, instead, he wakes him up.

Per Degaton asks who Rip is and Rip says that is an interesting question. The team gathers around the ship and they can feel their jump ship separate. Sara realizes that Rip has taken Per Degaton and he doesn't want anyone to stop him from killing him.

The team begins thinking about all of the place Rip could take Per Degaton.

Sara says that it doesn't matter where it matters what he plans on doing. Ray doesn't think that Rip is a killer but Stein fears that Rip could be going to extra measures.

Rip tells Per Degaton that he will be home soon after Per Degaton says his father will kill him. Meanwhile, Kendra is still having memories of her and Carter telling their son about Savage. They tell him the story of how they were created to better explain why Savage wants to kill them.

Ray finds Kendra and she admits that she has been having flashes of Carter. She says it's not just memories, it's feelings. She says she feels like she is cheating on Carter with him.

Ray tells her that it's okay and he knew what he was getting into. Kendra asks Ray to talk about what has been bothering him and he says that he has a child he didn't know about. He says his family created the robots that Savage would use to destroy the world. Ray says he didn't tell her because he didn't want her to think less of him. They are now stuck not knowing what their relationship will be.

Sara visits Leonard and tries to convince him to talk to Mick. He says he doesn't have any feelings about Mick. Leonard says Mick is still the same person he was when they wanted to out him down.

Sara says he is still guilty. She tells Leonard to stop being an ass and go talk to Mick.

Rip has brought Per Degaton to a lake and asks him if he knows how to swim. He says his son always wanted to swim but he never got to teach him. He says his son was killed. Per Degaton knows that he was brought there to be killed. Rip says he brought him there to trade his life for his own son.

Per Degaton gets into Rips head. He says Rip is not a killer and Rip pulls the gun away from Per Degaton.

Rip tries to convince Per Degaton that Savage will betray him.

Rip says his inability to kill him is due to the goodness inside of him. He asks Per Degaton to be the man his father wants him to be, not the man Savage wants him to be.

Back at the Waveride, Kendra remembers being found by Savage, in reality Savage and Degaton's forces have surrounded the ship. The team heads out to fight against the army. Ray draws his bots away but is knocked out of the sky. Kendra finds him and he says they need to find another way to take them out.

Firestorm tells Ray that they will hold off the bots while he finds the command center and disables them. When Ray and Kendra are trying to disable the the bots they are interrupted by his great granddaughter.

However, he learns that it was actually his brother's great granddaughter. Ray was not a father. Kendra tells the woman that if she has a drop of Palmer blood in her she will do what's right.

Meanwhile, Savage holds Sara hostage but when Rip brings Per Degaton in things change. Degaton's father does the opposite of what his son and Savage want and exchanges Sara for him. As Per Degaton walks over to his father, Leonard tells him he should find a new role model. Leonard returns to the ship and finally sits down to chat with Mick.

Leonard says that people seem to think they should have a heart to heart. Mick and Leonard agree that all of the talking in the world couldn't help them. Leonard agrees to let him out and fight to the death.

Leonard says if Mick wins he can take the jump ship and leave. Mick tells him to sound the bell. Kendra visits Ray and she tells him that she loves him because no matter what he never gives up. She asks him not to give up on them.

Ray asks why this time would be any different from before. Kendra says that Carter is her past and that Ray is her future. Back at Kasnia, Per Degaton meets with Savage to continue his studies.

Savage begins brainwashing Per Degaton so that he would take over his father's position in the future. He presents him with a dagger and leads the way. Gideon tells Rip that they have cemented Per Degaton's rise to power.

Per Degaton released the virus much earlier than expected. Savage takes the position at the head of the Conglomerate. Gideon tells Rip that he did the right thing be he is still wondering.

Mick and Leonard are at each other's throats and Mick looks like he is going to win. However, something stops him.

Mick says he doesn't know what he wants anymore.

He says since he failed to bring the team in the Time Masters will send the Hunters after the, He then debriefs the team of how ruthless the Hunters are and that the only way to rid themselves of them is to run.

"Progeny" was yet another episode where the cohesive nature of the DC's Legends of Tomorrow team was tested.

You can't help but to ask when the tests of friendship and teamwork will end, however, it makes for some pretty compelling episodes. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos from tonights episode.

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