'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Pilot' Season 1 Episode 1, Hero's United

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Fans of Arrow and The Flash have not seen the last of Vandal Savage as he now terrorizes victims in DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

In "Pilot," episode one of season one, Rip Hunter travels back in time to assemble the Legends of Tomorrow.

Vandal Savage proved to be one of the most relentless villains and it took the help of The Flash, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, The Atom, Green Arrow and a mess of other heroes to take him down. He was introduced in the "Legends of Yesterday" and "Legends of Today" specials.

In the first episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Rip Hunter, the Time Master, assembles his team of Hawkman (Carter Hall), Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders), Heatwave (Mick Rory), Captain Cold (Leonard Snart), Firestorm (Dr.

Stein and Jefferson Jackson), White Canary (Sara Lance) and The Atom (Ray Palmer) to take down Vandal Savage before he destroys humanity in 2166.

The action kicked in London 2166 and the city is being attacked by soldiers of Vandal Savage. Savage has conquered the entire planet and is ruthlessly targeting helpless people. He meets a boy whose mother he just killed. Savage asks the boy to choose what side he is on.

The boy spits at him and Savage kills him. Rip Hunter is delivering a speech at the Time Masters Council.

Hunter doesn't want the council to let Savage destroy humanity.

He asks for a time ship to change history before Savage ends history. It seems as if he has been granted the ship but he and Gideon are getting ready to visit Central City to assemble his team.

Hunter's first recruit is Ray a.k.a. The Atom. He is busy helping Oliver on a mission and it looks like he has learned total control of the suit. After taking some soldiers out Hunter approaches him clapping. Hunter then moves towards recruiting Sara who shows off her moves in a bar.

Firestorm is the next stop in Pittsburgh and the combo of Jefferson and Dr. Stein still seem a little distant. In St.

Roca, Hunter approaches Hawkman and Hawkgirl offering couples counseling. Gideon seems perplexed as to why Hunter is trying to recruit Captain Cold and Heat Wave.

All of the heroes have been collected and cleared for a meeting with Hunter. He tells them they have been assembled because he needs their help to take down Vandal Savage. Heat Wave and the rest of the team are pretty confused, some shocked at the fact that Savage is still alive. Hunter wants the team to travel through time and stop Savage before he becomes a monster.

Hunter tells the team that where he is from, they are considered Legends. Many of the team members are skeptical, except for Ray who is on board from the start.

Once Hunter gives the team a glimpse into the grim future, they start to wonder. Hunter gives them an address to meet him at if they decide to take him up on the offer.

Green Arrow is taking out some bad guys when Ray interrupts him for a minute of his time. Oliver tells Ray that Savage doesn't go down easy. He is skeptical of Hunter because Ray knows nothing about him. Ray said that the world thought he died once and no one cared. He has the chance to save the world and tells Oliver he has to take it.

Oliver gives him a handshake and his best. Carter is trying to get Kendra onboard with the mission but she is stubborn.

She doesn't think they can beat Savage but Carter says it's their best chance to stop Savage forever. Carter decides for them to settle the score with a battle.

Laurel and Sara are sparring and Laurel is perplexed by the idea of time travel. Laurel tells Sara she thinks she should go but Sara is hesitant because of her bloodlust. Laurel wants her to be a hero in the light and become the White Canary. She presents her with a suit created by Cisco. Sara asks for the mask but Laurel tells her she no longer needs it anymore. Heat Wave and Captain Cold are mulling the idea over.

Cold is painting a picture of stealing the most prized possessions without any threat of security cameras etc. Heat Wave says he is in but he is no ones hero. Jefferson is not on board but Dr.

Stein is trying to persuade him to change his mind. Stein says he doesn't understand the decision but he respects it.

Stein says he will offer himself as a scientist without Jefferson. However, when they toast to the new beginning it's revealed that Stein drugged the drink to know Jefferson out.

Everyone arrives and Hunter tells them it's time to go on their way. The Time Ship was in camouflage but when it's revealed, everyone marvels at the Wave Rider. The heroes begin touring the ship and Ray and Dr. Stein have a little debate on how the ship is propelled. The rest of the team continues to marvel over the ship and when they meet Gideon they are even more impressed.

They ask how Hunter is tracing Savage and he reveals that Dr. Aldus Boardman is his go to contact.

The team straps in to pay Boardman a visit. Hunter warns them of the side effects of time travel and Jefferson wakes up just in time and begins freaking out.

The ship speeds off only to be seen by two civilians. A soldier greets them as he seems to be tracking ripples in the timeline caused by travel. We he realizes that he has no use for them, he takes them out. Some of the crew get sick, vertigo and temporary blindness.

They have traveled 41 years in the past. Ray doesn't want to leave Captain Cold and Heat Wave on the ship while he and the rest of the crew minus Sara take off to find Boardman.

Part of the team finds Boardman who wakes up but only notices Kendra and Carter as their past identities. Hunter reveals that he is there to find Savage and Boardman will have to explain his back story.

Jefferson, Sara, Cold and Heat Wave are already thinking of sneaking off to get a drink as Boardman tells the story of Savage which was previously explained in the Legends of Yesterday special. Boardman tells Kendra and Carter that every time they are killed Savage gets stronger.

Boardman told Kendra and Carter that they were once Edith and Joe. They were actually Boardman's parents.

Boardman was 10 when his parents were murdered. Hunter interrupts the family reunion in order to find the location of Savage. Boardman reveals that Savage always finds a seat of power in order to influence war. Hunter tells Boardman that he has a feeling he knows where Savage is.

Boardman has an educated guess. Sara, Leonard, Mick and Jefferson are at a bar.

Sara is dancing when she is approached by a man who want is insistent on dancing.

He puts him in his place and takes out all of the other bikers that jump in for the fight, with the help of Leonard and Mick, of course.

Jefferson is still on the ship and he is trying to get the autopilot to take him back to 2016. The ship was attacked while he argued with Gideon and she revealed that the ship is being attacked by Chronos, the soldier who took out the civilians. Hunter gets a message that about the attack and begins frantically readying the crew to rush back to the ship along with Boardman.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl get the first crack at Chronos and Hunter helps with his laser gun. Stein and Ray make their way back to the ship to suit up.

Before Chronos can let go of a grenade the rest of the cavalry arrives to knock him down momentarily.

The team manages to get everyone onboard safely but Boardman is seriously injured. They escaped but the ship is damaged. They are in a temporal zone so that they can make repairs. Hunter is regretting his decision but a straight right from Kendra causes him to admit that Chronos actually works for the Time Masters.

Chronos was sent to bring him in because he took the ship without the consent of the Time Masters. Everyone is upset with Hunter for lying and Hunter has to talk his way out of it and beg for their help once more.

They ask him what Savage did to him and he tells them that Savage killed his wife and child.

The woman and little boy in the beginning of the episode was his family and they were taken from him by Savage.

Hunter says that the Time Masters and everyone else turned the blind eye but he will make Savage pay. He offers the team the ability travel back to their time once he makes the repairs. Stein believes that everyone just needs a little time to make their final decision. Kendra is tending to Boardman who tells her to get the ring around her neck.

It belonged to her and she actually remembers it. She leaves Boardman's side and walks over to Carter. She thanks him and he tells he it's okay. She also accepts the name of Shayera.

Stein is explaining himself to Jefferson and his reasoning for wanting to join the fight. Jefferson tells Stein the best feeling he got on the field was when one teammate took a tackle for him making him feel safe. He said that he felt the same way when the rest of the team rushed back to the ship. Jefferson, Stein, Shayera/Kendra and Carter are on board.

Ray says that he might as well have stayed dead instead of working with criminals. He believes that he has become smaller.

Sara tells him that Hunter said that in his future they are nobodies but they can change their own fate. Hunter is repairing the ship when Kendra and Carter tell him that Boardman has died.

Hunter says that Chronos and Savage aren't the only ones that they will have to face. The rest of the team enters and everyone is on board with ending Savage once and for all.

Gideon has plotted a course and they are off to find Savage who is in Norway 1975.

He speaks to his soldiers and tells them there is no Renaissance without the Dark Ages. He is trying to make the world a better place one war at a time.

The "Pilot" of DC's Legends of Tomorrow happens to be everything that fans were hoping for. The unification of multiple super heroes is something that has only been realized in most animated series, however, this is even better.

The exploration of the Legends of Tomorrow looks quite promising. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

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