'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Pilot Part 2' Season 1 Episode 2, Stand for Something

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The first part of DC's Legends of Tomorrow pilot was pretty intense but Part 2 is a whole other ballgame.

In "Pilot Part 2," episode two of season one, Leonard and Mick have to make a serious decision while the rest of team finds a way to stop a potentially dangerous situation.

The Legends continue to take on Vandal Savage and complete the mission that Rip Hunter bestowed upon them in the first part of the pilot. Things become complicated when the Atom suit lands in the hands of the wrong people. Stein, Jackson and Sara (White Canary) have to travel back in time to find Stein's younger self.

Young Stein lends some insight that helps the team on their overall mission. Leonard and Mick who seem to be half-heartedly in the team, come up with a scheme to steal a vital piece necessary to defeat Savage.

Kendra is still struggling to remember pieces of her past but Carter helps her remember some pretty crucial information.

The the second part to the Legends of Tomorrow pilot kicked off as the team traveled to Norway, 1975. The team is wondering why they are in Norway and Rip tells them that Savage may be there. There is a large meeting of terrorists that will be meeting looking to buy black market arms.

Rip tells the team about the clothes that will help them fit in.

Leonard says that he wants to run the mission but Rip hunter says that he is the captain of the ship and she be in charge.

The team doesn't listen to him because of the big lie he told when assembling them.

The mission begins and Leonard and Stein do some pretty good acting that allows them to get past the security at the gathering. Jax, Carter and Kendra are elsewhere hanging back. Captain Cold, Heatwave, White Canary and Stein are posing as criminals and find out that Savage is actually the seller of a nuclear weapon and Damien Darhk happens to be one of his buyers.

Savage notices that the group doesn't look familiar and Stein misfires so-to-speak, earning the weapon.

Darhk and Savage approach the group and Stein misspeaks by letting them know how surprised he is that they were able to come up with the weapon in the time period.

Savage picks up on the words and offers a discount on the nuclear weapon to anyone who brings him the heads of the Stein, Leonard, Mick and Sara. The entire team jumps in when they are needed and they begin to hold their own.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl approach Savage and tells him that the time has come for his terror to be over but he sets the time on the bomb and exits.

Atom tries to stop the bomb but there is a failsafe and Sara calls for Firestorm who whisks the bomb away and absorbs the energy from it when it explodes, saving the team.

The team starts pointing fingers as to why the mission went awry and Rip mocks/scolds them for it. Carter says they don't need the element of surprise but Rip then tells them that a piece of Atom's suit has been left behind.

Rip believes that the future technology will be used by Savage to create a weapon that will be used to end the world. Rip says that they have changed history by losing that piece in the battle.

Hawkman reaches into Boardman's pocket to find a newspaper clipping. Kendra walks in and he promises their son a proper burial. She looks at the newspaper and recognizes the weapon that was used to kill them the first time around.

Stein and the entire team are meeting to figure out a way to stop Savage from building the weapon. To do so, they need to find and take the piece of Atom's suit.

Just then, Hawkman and Hawkgirl reveal that they learned that savage can be controlled with weapons from the past.

They need to steal the piece and Leonard and Mick decide they are the best criminals for the job, however, Ray doesn't trust them and decides to tag along.

Stein, Sara and Jackson look for his younger self and when young Marty approaches the older Stein, Stein tells him that they haven't met and he is Elon Musk. Young Marty agrees to talk to them and also invites them to spark up a joint.

Carter is helping Kendra with her memories and he sets the scene by telling her the real name of Shayera.

Things go a little wrong when he pushes to hard for the relationship aspect of her memories and she walks out.

Savage and his men are trying to dissect the miniature Atom part and he gives them 24 hours to decipher how it works. Cold, Heatwave and Atom stakeout the house they need to break in and Atom makes a mistake by tapping into a dummy box.

The guards come up however, Cold and Heatwave knock them out.

Young Marty offers the older Stein some marijuana but he refuses and young Marty tells them about his plan to build a particle accelerator.

Sara and Jax think that the younger Stein is pretty cool and Stein is scared that if Sara doesn't stop flirting with his younger self, he won't meet his wife like he is supposed to.

Atom and the two criminals are gathering all of the relics they need but when Leonard and Heatwave get too greedy, Atom and Leonard get into an argument that leaves them trapped in a cell. Old Stein and young Stein get into an argument and Stein has to make a quick save or blow their cover. Leonard and Mick are finally showing what they were really along for the entire time.

Young Stein won't let the older Stein borrow the technology they need but Sara knocks how out and they grab the tech and go.

Stein makes sure he sets his alarm for a mixer later that night where he meets his future wife.

Heatwave returns to the rest of his "team" and Leonard shows off his skills at rewiring a security system. He works on getting them out all while he and Ray go back and forth over their career paths and. Ray actually helps and figure out how to avoid rewiring the system and maybe they are getting somewhere now. Kendra apologizes to Carter for freaking out who says that she had a right too because their past doesn't mean destiny.

She says it means probability but he assures her that he will wait for her however long it takes. They start exploring her memories again and she remembers receiving a knife from Kufu.

She remembers the poem that was inscribed on the knife. She comes back to him and reveals that the poem solidifies their eternity together.

Elsewhere, Stein, Jax and Sara recover the the Atom piece, however, Stein notices that his ring disappears from his finger and even bigger worries comes when Young Stein discovers the ship. Savage is holding a beat up Heatwave at gunpoint while he threatens Cold and Atom.

Savage is trying to figure out why he is being targeted and realizes that they are visitors from another time. Savage dares Atom to contact his friends because he wants to come face to face with Kendra and Carter again.

Young Stein and old Stein are arguing over what has gone on. Jax pulls older Stein away and tries to calm him down but Stein says that he is upset that he still remains arrogant after all these years. Jax tells him he is also smart, kind and selfless and that he is not a bad guy.

Stein tells Jax that meeting him was another one of the finest moments in his life. Stein tells his younger self to get off the ship and but doesn't give him too many answers.

When young Stein leaves, the half of the team that remains on the ship gets a call from their trapped friends who waste no time storming in.

Firestorm lets his friends out and Carter and Kendra receive the dagger that could take Savage out. The rest of the team has to hold off Savage's current army. The battle between Hawkman and Savage begins. Hawkman stabs Savage but it doesn't seem to affect him.

He turns it on Carter and tells him that his lover was supposed to wield the dagger. Kendra rushes at Savage but he pushes her aside.

Kendra holds a dying Carter in her arms who tells her to come back to him. Savage however, absorbs the power.

So, it looks like they will have to replace Carter. The team is still outside battling for their life and it's incredibly awesome to watch. Kendra engages in a fight with Savage but he has the upper-hand and stabs her with the dagger. Before he delivers the final blow, he is blasted away by the team.

They retreat to the ship and try to save Kendra who is completely distraught because she didn't get to tell Carter her love for him came back. Atom leaves the room and chats with Stein.

He apologizes for what happened with his wife. The team is stuck in 1975 because time jumping could make Kendra's condition worst.

Rip and Stein take a walk and Rip shows him that he was able to reunite young Stein with his wife. He didn't want to sacrifice one wife for another but also warns Stein to be careful of what he does to alter time. The team feels like they lost because of Carter's death.

Rip hunter asks the team if they want to take another shot at taking Savage out or go back to the future. The team including Leonard and Mick decide that they want revenge for what happened to Carter.

"Pilot Part 2" solidifies DC's Legends of Tomorrow as the next big hit for the network. The idea of having a team of heroes in one show may be a little overwhelming but not when it's done in this manner.

It's going to be a pretty epic first season for DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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