'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Out of Time,' Season 2 Premiere Episode

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The CW's "Legend's of Tomorrow," suffered a loss that left them questioning if they wanted to continue on.

After deciding that they were better off apart, the team will be reconnected in "Out of Time," the premiere episode of the second season.

Historian, Dr. Nate Heywood, makes a discovery that has him running to Oliver Queen.

He needs Oliver's help getting the Legends back together. Reunited, the team goes to protect Albert Einstein so that the Nazi's can't destroy New York. Ray and Sara embark on a side mission that leads them to Damien Darhk.

In Star City, Dr. Nate Heywood makes a wild dash past security to get face with the mayor. The one Oliver Queen. He's found evidence that the Legends ship will plunge into the Atlantic ocean before being blown up by an atom bomb, three years before it was supposed to be invented.

Oliver and Nate take a submarine down the the wreckage of the ship. They find Mick in stasis and no evidence of anyone else. He tells them the events that passed that lead to the ship's sinking.

In France 1863, they are protecting the king and queen on their wedding night from assassins. When they attack, Sara is preoccupied with the Queen, if you know what I mean. Rip orders them all to go back to the ship when they start obviously using their powers and future technology. A time quake shakes the ship from an aberration originating from New York, 1942.

The Nazi's have dropped an atom bomb on New York. Sara sees an opportunity to get revenge on Damien Darhk in 1942.

Ray and Stein come to the conclusion that they can fix the aberration by kidnapping Albert Einstein before the Nazis do.

Rip asks Jax to stay on the ship in order to make sure everything's in working order. Sara splits to go check in with her "grandpa." Ray follows her. The rest of the team continue to the physicist dinner that Einstein will be attending.

Darhk is meeting with Nazis to sell them uranium. It means Sara will have to wait to exact her revenge.

Stein and Mick get Einstein out while Rip takes care of the Nazi kidnappers.Even though they have Einstein in the brig, the atomic bomb is still going to detonate in New York.

Einstein deduces that they are time travellers. He tells them that his ex-wife also knows how to create the bomb as well. Sara and Ray get into an argument over her side mission. It ends with his admission that he knows how to locate Darhk and the bomb.

Rip gets Mileva, Einstein's ex-wife while Ray tries to disarm the bomb. Sara wastes no time going for her revenge.

Ray's suit malfunctions from the bomb's radiation level. Mick gets shot and Sara focuses solely on taking on Darhk, even as Rip yells at her to retreat.

Rip has been training Jax on how to take care of the waverider in case he's no longer on the ship. He takes the ship under water to follow the Nazi uboat. After engaging in combat, Darhk shoots the atomic bomb towards New York.

The only way to stop it is for the Waverider to block its path. Rip scatters the team across time to keep them safe.

Mick can't handle time travel in his condition so Rip knocks him out to put him in stasis. The atomic bomb collides with the ship.

Oliver offers up Nate to go with Mick in order to retrieve the members of the team. He gets a lead on Ray. He's been transported back to the age of dinosaurs. Jax and Stein are wizards for a child kid in England, 821.

Lastly, Sara is about to be hanged in Salem from sleeping with a large portion of the town's women. When they as Gideon where Rip is, she says she doesn't know but she has his final message to them.

Eobard is helping Darhk. Before the team can leave 1942, the Justice League of America stops them for questioning.

"Out of Time" is an exciting start to the season. "Legends of Tomorrow" plays with the closure for past events and kicks the hive of future problems. Keep watching Thursdays at 8 and rewatch episodes here.

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