'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'The Magnificent Eight' Season 1 Episode 11, Meet Jonah Hex

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It just gets more and more interesting on CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

In "The Magnificent Eight," episode 11 of season one, the team travels to the old west in to escape trouble, however, they meet a different type of trouble.

Desperate for a place to escape the wrath of Vandal Savage for the time being, Rip sends the Waverider into the old wild west. Leonard, Mick, Sara, Kendra, Ray, Stein, Jax and Rip run into the Stillwater gang who is terrorizing the local town and they aim to do something about it.

Along the way they run into a different type of hero that comes in the for of Jonah Hex, who happens to be a friend of Rip.

With the Legends of Tomorrow being who they are there is no chance in hell they would let the town continue to be terrorized by the Stillwater gang.

The episode kicked off with the Waverider landing in Salvation 1871. The crew is feeling serious side effects but Mick doesn't seem too effected. Mick tells Rip that this place won't help. Rip says the timeline is unclear and constantly on flux.

There are temporal blindspots that the Time Masters can't see and this is one of them. Mick warns the team about the Hunters that are coming and Ray and Sara advocate for getting off of the ship.

Rip presents the team with weapons and clothes that will fit in. Rip says he will not be going out, instead, he will plot their next route.

In the town of Salvation the Legends of Tomorrow still seem to stand out a bit as they make their legendary walk through the streets. Everyone comes in to a saloon and Stein warns them to stay out of trouble.

Kendra bumps into a woman and has a short flashback, when she snaps back to present day, the woman is gone.

Sara and Mick are having a couple of drinks and she tries to find out what happened. They decide that they will take part in a drinking challenge.

Elsewhere, Stein and Leonard are playing a little poker and Stein is quite good. He tells Leonard the story about how his father taught him the game but like father like son isn't always true. Stein sticks up for a woman was mistreated when Leonard is forced to kill him. A huge saloon brawl takes place after and Mick is too drunk to pitch in to help.

A gunshot in the air ends the fight and out walks Jonah Hex who introduces himself to the team. Stein tells him that he and his friends are from out of town and Hex says they are way out of town.

Hex picked up that they are from this time and they are surprised to find out that Hex happens to know Rip Hunter.

The team brings Hex back to the Waverider and Rip is shocked to see him. Hex tells Rip that his friends got into a bar fight and that Leonard killed a member of the Stillwater gang. Hex says that Jeb Stillwater and his friends have been committing crimes in Salvation and tearing the town apart.

Rip doesn't want the team to get involved, however, Ray wants to do something about it. He wants them to be the heroes they signed on to be.

Sara follows Kendra who is going off to a valley to figure out what went on with her memory flash. Sara asks Kendra if she wants a partner in crime and Kendra agrees.

Ray arrives at the Sheriff's office and introduces himself as John Wayne. Ray is made the new Sheriff as the last one doesn't want to push his luck anymore. Hex tells him that there are a few warrants out for him in those parts. Ray is distracted by Hex's appearance and says they ave things that can fix it.

However, that is shot down right away. Stein is checking leads when he comes across a woman crying.

She says she just wants to be alone and that she has a son that is going to die.

Stein volunteers to take a look and when they arrive, he learns that the boy has tuberculosis. She says that the doctors say he has a day or two to live.

Stein strikes up a conversation with Bertie, who says he wants to ride a stagecoach. He tells the boy he must prove his mother wrong so that he can ride the stagecoach. Just then, the Stillwater gang rides into town and Jeb demands that someone is going to pay for the death of his member. Ray steps in as John Wayne, Salvation's new Sheriff.

The Stillwater gang doesn't back down when Ray tells them the arrangement is over. Jeb says that Ray is outnumbered, however, when Jeb tries to test him, his gun is shot out of his hand by Leonard.

Ray says he has sharpshooters all over and the town cheers as the Stillwater gang rides out.

The team is pretty happy with saving the town but both Rip and Hex don't see any good coming for it. He says the day will come when they all leave and the town will go to the dogs. Hex compared it to Calvert, a town that was eliminated in 1886.

Meanwhile, Kendra and Sara are having an open talk about Kendra's repeated memory flashes. Sara hopes that the woman can be another piece to Kendra's puzzel. Kendra has another flash and feels like she is being drawn to the place.

Ray catches Stein trying to get medicine from the Waverider for Bertie. They lecture him about altering the timeline and Stein says he owes it to the boy and his mother. Stein reveals that they know he has had a previous run-in with the Stillwater gang in Calvert.

Rip actually named his son after Hex as he and Hex experienced some haunting stuff back in the now destroyed town. Stein says he refuses to live with the regret he sees on Rip's face.

Hex arrives to tell Ray that they have a lead on the Stillwater gang's whereabouts. Hex asks Rip if he will join them but when he doesn't reply, Hex says that's what he thought.

Kendra and Sara walks up on the land of the woman who is not happy to see them. She says she doesn't have friends and she keeps to herself. Then, Kendra realizes that the woman is actually an old version of herself. Kendra and Sara are invited in as the woman talks about Hannibal, Carter's previous form.

Her story brings back memories for Kendra and Kendra says if she can get her hands on the bracelet in question, she can kill Savage. Older Kendra tells Kendra to stop fighting Savage because the cycle is the way it always will be.

She says that is why she lives on her own. Kendra realizes that fate is going to break the heart of Ray.

The rest of the team including Mick is on the hunt for the Stillwater gang. Stein stayed behind in Salvation and saved the boy. He makes his mother promise him that she will burn the medicine. He wishes her well and heads out.

The team arrives at the Stillwater grounds and a fight ensues right away. They take out members of the gang with ease and Ray arrests Jeb.

The teams run in to trouble when Jax is captured and they run out of ammo to fight. Hex says they can live to fight another day or die and they are forced to retreat without Jax.

The team returns and Stein proposes they exchange Stillwater for Jax. Hex tells them they set up a quick draw competition. Ray volunteers to stand in for the gunfight and Rip thinks Ray is going to gte himself killed. Rip tells Hex that leaving the era was one of the hardest thing he has had to do. Rip says he found the era and being a hero enticing.

Hex asks Rip if he would have left if he knew what would happen to Calvert. Rip revealed he know what would happen and Hex punches him in the face.

He explains that he had to leave because if he stayed he would no longer be a Time Master. However, now, he is not a Time Master and he volunteers to participate in the gunfight.

Sara and Kendra arrive at the ship and she asks Kendra if she wants to talk about what happened. Kendra doesn't but Sara pushes and tells Kendra she doesn't have to listen to Old Kendra. She tells her to live her life because Old Kendra already lived hers.

The team gets ready for Rip to participate in the gunfight and Ray tells him not to get too attached. Rip stands by with Jeb on the other end waiting to draw.

They have an old fashioned stare-down and when the time comes, Rip wins the battle with a swift draw.

Jax is returned but Sara points out they might not be done there yet. The Hunters have found them. The Hunters and the team get in to a gunfight in the town however, the team is no longer holding back their power. The last Hunter tells Mick that the Time Masters have initiated a protocol that limits their time.

The fight was pretty easy and Rip has to head out. Hex says that they both have one thing in common, they don't stay in one place too long. Hex and Rip leave things on a good note.

Stein meets with Bertie and realizes that he saved H.G. Wells. Kendra and Ray are talking on the ship and he doesn't think she is telling him the whole truth. Kendra says she is being honest and that she met a woman and learned things about killing Savage. She says the rest is about what the woman thought not what she thinks.

Kendra confesses that she loves Ray and so does he. Meanwhile, the team is trying to find out what time period they are going to jump to. Rip says it's not so simple with the Omega protocol issued.

They have sent the Pilgrim, the most deadliest assassin that the Time Masters have.

The Pilgrim will be hunting younger versions of them and she won't stop until they are all dead. If they die in the past they die in the present.

"The Magnificent Eight" is another awesome episode in the first season of Legends of Tomorrow.

DC and CWTV have done a great job of introducing and featuring other awesome characters from the universe including Hex. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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