'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Leviathan' Season 1 Episode 13, Getting to Vandal Savage

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In season one CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow proves that killing an immortal villain isn't easy.

In "Leviathan," episode 13 of season one the team tries a different approach at stopping Vandal Savage that involves going to the future, rather than going back in time.

Rip Hunter and the team travel to London in the year 2166. It happens to be a couple of months before his family is murdered at the hands of Vandal Savage.

Rip feels like this could be the last chance that he, Rip, Sara, Kendra, Jax, Stein, Leonard and Mick have to take down Savage while he is at his peak in power.

While poking around in the future, the team realizes that there are two possible ways to leverage Savage's defeat.

The most effective way could be by using his own daughter, Cassandra Savage. Will the team finally be able to rid the world of Vandal Savage or will this be their last time on a mission together?

The episode kicks off as the team and the Waverider has a rough flight. Rip is in a rush to take out Savage despite Stein's warning that they are moving too fast. The team tries to blend in as Savage's army, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Jax and Kendra are still on the ship waiting for the rest of the team. They realize that Savage's daughter spotted them and Kendra zooms in on a photo to see Cassandra wearing her bracelet.

The team stumbles into an accidental plan where they fight Savage's men. Things go wrong and Sara finds herself in a fight with Cassandra. They have to retreat to the ship and Rip is livid about how things went down.

Sara says one good thing came out of it.

She mentions Kendra's bracelet and Kendra explains that it was the bracelet she was wearing the night she died. Sara gives Rip the task of getting Kendra ready for a fight with Cassandra.

Jax, Stein, Rip and Ray are taking a walk towards the resistance when they are met with members of it. The have to convince them that they aren't with Savage and promise an alliance.

The leader of the resistance tells them that Savage has hit everywhere hard and tells them to get acclimated.

Jax walks over to a little girl and hands her a gadget to play with. More kids run over seeking more and Stein has to step in and promise them that more will come.

Ray tries to figure out what Rip is planning. Rip says it was the second place he tried to save his family but it didn't work. He has watched his family die countless times at the hands of Savage.

Rip says it's funny that the universe doesn't want him to save his family. The commander in charge wants to know what Rip and his team are doing there.

Rip wants to get closer to Savage, however, she tells him no one gets close to Savage.

There is a distress signal and Ray and Rip accompany the commander to an area where Savage's troops have burned and killed innocent people. She wants to know how they plan on taking out someone as evil as savage.

They return to the ship and Ray says he and Stein should analyze the samples so that they can see what weapons Savage and his men are using.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team needs to find a way to steal Kendra's bracelet.

Rip tells Kendra that they can use a weapon of their own, especially if it has powers like the bracelet.

Sara and Kendra try to do some more digging and Sara asks if she ever thinks of Carter. Kendra says Carter is her past and Ray is her future, however, Sara thinks it would be hard.

In a flashback, Kendra remembers walking in on Carter as he trains. He gives her his weapon as an anniversary gift.

He tells her that it is important and he needs to know that she is ready to face Savage should he die first.

Carter tells Kendra she will never be without him and no matter what he will always be there. Carter tells her she has everything she needs.

Kendra snaps back to present day and says she thinks she knows what they can use to kill Savage.

Elsewhere, Cassandra is trying to help her men train and tells them they are going to have to do much better to contend with the Legends.

Just then, Mick and Leonard arrive to get the bracelet, however, the alarm goes off and Cassandra asks Leonard "what next?" Cassandra actually knows Leonard.

The bring Cassandra to the ship and she says she knows all of them. She then drops the bomb that she is Savage's daughter. The team meets and everyone is very surprised and worried.

They took something very close to Savage and now they are in trouble.

Kendra says she thinks she has a solution to their problem but she needs them to burn something. Mick proposes torturing Cassandra and sending fingers to Savage, however, the team opposes.

Leonard says they can leave him up to getting information out of Cassandra. Leonard tries to appeal to Cassandra's emotions by trying to relate but she shuts it down.

Cassandra tells Leonard the story of what happened when Per Degaton unleashed the virus. She says she is prepared for torture but Leonard doesn't plan on it.

Elsewhere, Kendra is creating a coating for her mace with the melted metal from her bracelet. Mick tries to make sure that Kendra is ready to kill Savage if she has the opportunity to. While Ray and Stein are examining samples, they start to feel tremors.

The tremors are being made by the Savage's latest weapon which is getting closer.

Ray and Stein bring as much of the innocent people they could to the ship.

Rip is not happy with the move at all and tells Gideon to get them out of there as soon as the last refugee is on.

Before they could escape, they are under attack by a huge Atom suit. They begin giving it everything they have but the Atom weapon tosses them. The ship has crash landed and the team realizes that the mega weapon knows they are still alive.

The ship is not functioning and Rip says they need to take the jump ship. Stein says the jump ship only seats seven and they can't leave the refugees.

Stein collapses and Rip rushes him to the tech to heal him.

Leonard returns to Cassandra and decides to use a new tactic to appeal to her. He lets her go and she walks past the refugees. Leonard says he is trying to show her the truth that her father is going on a reign of terror.

Cassandra doesn't seem to be budging. Then Leonard reveals that Savage was the one that released the virus not Per Degaton. She still doesn't believe him until he shows her the footage from Kasnia.

Cassandra doesn't want to believe Leonard and calls him a liar. Leonard says he is a liar but not about that and deep down she knows he is telling the truth. Rip is sitting by and Ray asks him how are repairs. Rip is livid because of the situation they are in.

Ray says he doesn't believe in fate, he believes in choices. He says they can still fight all they have to do is kill Savage.

Kendra walks in and says she has a way to kill him and Leonard says his new bestie Cassandra has a way in. Rip gives them one last speech before they head out on the mission.

Ray meets with Kendra in the hallway to go over the mission and he offers words of encouragement. Ray doesn't want to hear anything from her until after she destroys Savage and plants a kiss on her. Jax is trying to help Ray figure out how he can make his suit strong enough to take on the mega weapon.

Jax offers Ray words of encouragement and he gets ready to try out his experiment. Ray hits the button and he because mega-sized. He then clashes with Savage's mega weapon.

The Atom is wrestling the Leviathan and seems to be winning. Savage is enraged when he finds out that the Leviathan is undergoing resistance.

He gets words that Cassandra is back and notices that her bracelet is gone when she returns.

He realizes she is trying to fool him and Cassandra tells him that she knows the truth. The Atom is starting to struggle and Savage tells Cassandra to call the Legends.

The team shows up and says Cassandra doesn't have to worry about that, they are already there. Savage tries to talk Cassandra out of becoming allies with the team but she resists. Before Savage walks out, he sense Kendra. She swoops in and engages in a fight with Savage.

The rest of the team is taking out Savage's men and Atom is administering the final blow to the Leviathan. Kendra is really putting a beating on Savage and Cassandra is helping the team take out her former army.

Atom gets knocked down and Jax urges him to get up.

A soldier comes in to try and stop Kendra from killing Savage. Before she kills him she knocks off his helmet and it happens to be Carter.

Kendra is stunned and drops her weapon.

Savage tells her that Carter doesn't even remember who she is and he brainwashed him before he could figure it out.

Kendra gets ready to kill Savage, however, he says he is the only one with the key to Carter's mind.

Jax wills the Atom back to his feet to destroy the Leviathan and he beheads it with one swift punch. Atom shrinks back down to size. Rip asks Kendra what she is waiting for because the team is under attack.

Kendra says if she kills Savage Carter will be lost. Kendra can't finish Savage but Rip tells her they need to get him back to the ship. Cassandra returns to the resistance and promises to help them.

Ray returns to greet Kendra who is clearly emotional. He has no idea what happened back there. Kendra tells Ray that they need to talk as Carter is back on the ship and so is Savage. Stein wakes up and Rip gives him a quick briefing.

Rip assures Stein that the refugees are safe and Rip says time for once is one their side. Rip then turns his attention to visiting Savage. Savage says Rip has failed yet again to kill him.

Rip tells Savage that there is no such thing as fate and Rip still believes there is hope for his family. Savage says time will tell.

"Leviathan" certainly puts the team to the test in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Vandal Savage is a force to be reckoned with and bringing his daughter into things doesn't make it much easier.

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