'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Left Behind' Season 1 Episode 9

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After a short hiatus, CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns with a ton of action.

In "Left Behind" half of the team has to deal with Chronos while simultaneously finding a way to travel back to the 50s for Ray, Sara and Kendra who were left behind in the last episode.

Ray, Sara and Kendra have no idea why the Waverider would fly off leaving them in the 50s to fend for themselves. Three months past and the three of them see no sign of the Waverider, Stein, Jax, Rip or Captain Cold. As a result they move forward with their like still wondering why they were left in the 50s.

Ray and Kendra pick up where they left off with playing house and living their lives together.

Sara on the other hand, decides to rejoin the League of Assassins and work for the unforgiving Ra's al Ghul. How will the other half of the team engineer the escape plan for their friends?

The episode kicks off as Chronos is attacking the Waverider. Ray, Kendra and Sara are making their way to the ship when they have no choice but to lock the ship down with Chronos on the ship. Gideon can't counter Chronos' technology and the ship takes off. The team on the Waverider gathers themselves and Rip tells them that they are going to abandon ship on his command.

Stein and Jax make their way out of the ship however, they agree that they won't leave without their friends and merge as Firestorm. They return into the room where the battle was going on to find Rip down and Chronos and Snart gone.

Rip tells them that they have to free fall through time until Gideon is fully rebooted. They begin an uncomfortable fall through time.

Back in the 50s, Ray tells the two women to stay calm and that wherever or whenever their friends are, they will come back to the exact spot to get them. Sara is trying to convince Ray that they should move on. Sara says the team is not coming back for them and walks away. Sara, Ray and Kendra hot-wire a car to try and leave Harmony Falls.

They hope in the car and begin their rid which takes them to Hub City. Ten days have passed and Ray is trying to create a signal that would allow the Waverider to hear them.

Overtime, they make a home for themselves and Ray never stops working on his contraption.

Ray completes his radio as Kendra and Sara are playing a game of Life. He asks them to witness the machine work, however, it almost explodes and Sara brings up the fact that Kendra was supposed to convince Ray that the beacon is a waste of time. Sara says they need to give up on being rescued.

She packs her things and decides to leave Ray and Kendra because they have each other. Two years has passed and Ray is now teaching as his profession.

Ray realizes that one of his students is actually the father of Bill Gates.

After class, Ray and Kendra celebrate their second anniversary and he presents her with a gift. It's the time beacon and he wants them to destroy it together. He says he never thought he could build a life with anyone but that's exactly what they have done.

Both Kendra and Ray are happy to be in that time, however, when he tries to propose, the beacon goes off. The beacon triggers a response to the Waverider, which has now settled.

The ship returns and when the hatch opens Rip comes down apologizing to Kendra and Ray for being late.

The ship takes off and all that is left behind is the picnic. Rip is explaining to Ray and Kendra what happened. Ray and Kendra meet up with their old friends and Ray seems a little depressed to be rescued, however, Kendra tells him that they can finally be themselves again.

Stein, Jax and Rip reveal that they were attacked by Chronos and Rip says they need to find Sara. Kendra is skeptical about why Snart would be the one who was kidnapped and so is everyone else.

Back on Chronos' ship, Snart is trying to get to the bottom of why he was captured. Ray reveals that he left the Atom suit in their apartment and he and Stein have to go back to get it.

They are wondering where Sara is and it is revealed that she is in Nanda Parbat with the League of Assassins. A young Ra's and an even younger Talia is watching on as Sara rips through everyone. On Chronos' ship, Chronos reveals himself to be Mick and says that Snart should have figured it out since he is the smart one. Snart wants to know how Mick is back and Mick won't give him any answers.

Snart didn't actually kill Mick he left him out in the woods. Snart says he was always going to come back to him but Mick says by the time he was found by the Time Masters, he was going mad.

They took him to the Vanishing Point and he spent lifetimes being restored, trained and reborn.

Mick says the Time Masters barely had to ask him to hunt Snart and his friends. Meanwhile, Ray wants to talk to Kendra about what they did for the past two years. He says the second she saw the Waverider it was like the two years never happened. Kendra says she is just excited to be able to be herself again.

Ray says he was happy with what he thought would be their future. He says he thinks they are moving backwards, sparking a thought in Kendra.

Sara could be traveling back in time to join the League of Assassins. The entire team gathers around Gideon as she researches the list of League members.

They find Sara's League name and Rip tells them that Ra's Al Ghul is a very homicidal and erratic man. Snart asks Mick to let him go, however, Mick's plan is to take Snart back to his sister and kill her in front of him over and over again. He is out seeking vengeance. The team arrives at Nanda Parbat and Rip lays down some ground rules.

They are attacked once by Jax takes out the league member with ease. Rip makes his way into a room where Sara is sleeping and whispers in her ears.

She apologizes for almost killing him and he tries to explain but Sara attacks him again and cries out to the league to protect the dwellings.

The rest of the team is wandering around the palace nervous about where Rip could be. They all get into a little back and forth when they are surrounded by the League. Sara and Ra's arrive and take her friends prisoner. She tells them that they should not have returned and that it is the wish of Ra's Al Ghul. She tells them that they will be executed for trespassing.

In their holding, Kendra reveals that her powers went dormant and that she was lying to Ray about her happiness. She says she was starting to lose herself including her past memories. Ray says she didn't have to spare him.

Stein tries to stick up for Ray but Kendra asks for a private moment.

She tells Ray that they had a greater purpose in life other than being stuck in the 50s. Out of nowhere Rip comes up with a plan and begins calling out for the guards.

Snart is trying to annoy Mick by getting into his head. He says that some piece of the old him has to be in the armor somewhere, however, Mick says Snart is all wrong. In Nanda Parbat, Rip is trying to convince Ra's that Sara is very important to him and his team. Rip says that they would honor his wishes but Ra's still wants them to die.

So, Rip orders a trial by battle. Rip is concerned when he learns he has to fight Sara.

Ray volunteers to fight but Rip nominates Kendra instead. Ray is not happy with the choice and Sara has her battle face on.

Snart is trying to escape his captivity but gaining access to a weapon and shoot his cuffs off. Rips plan is to have Kendra fight Sara and bring back some of her memories from the time they trained together. Kendra begins talk to Sara but Sara manages to wound her slightly.

Kendra and Sara get involved in a heated battle that brings out the Hawk in Kendra. Sara takes the upper-hand again and Kendra reminds her that she is no a killer, she is the White Canary.

Sara seems to remember her place but Chronos arrives and interrupts the party.

Chronos begins taking out League members as Rip tries to convince Ra's to let them go to help Sara. Ra's lets them go and Firestorm forms. Ray grabs a sword but realizes an Atom suit would be better.

Snart is going through all sorts of pain to break free on the ship. The rest of the team is fighting off Chronos and Atom comes in to deliver two big blows.

Before the team could kill Chronos, Snart comes in missing one hand and tells them that it's not Chronos. He tells them to unmask him and they find Mick who says, "there is no God."

Rip, Ra's and Sara chat about her resurgence in the League. Ra's says there is no place for one so conflicted within the League. He releases Sara to reclaim her previous name and past life. As she walks away, Sara reminds Ra's to remember that his daughter Nyssa is on Lian Yu. The team is scolding Snart for telling them that he killed Mick when he didn't.

Rip sees Mick's training as a chance to refine him. Sara says she needs to know that they can reach Mick for her own sake. The rest of the team chimes in with their stories of why Mick is worth saving.

Snart is the only one who is objective, however, Rip says they will see about it. Rip also restores Snart's hand with genetic data he had stored.

Ray is staring at his ring when Kendra walks in and asks him if he was going to tell her that he was moving in alone. He thought she forgot all of the feelings and wanted to give her space. However, she says she has not forgotten that she fell in love with Ray and for the first time, it was her choice. She says it doesn't matter where or when they are, he is the person she wants to be with.

She asks Ray what he wants and he kisses her and sweeps her off her feet. The full team gathers and Rip says they need to travel to 2147.

He says he always knows that Savage will be there and they will have to die trying to stop him in this time period. Everyone agrees and the team sets off for 2147.

"Left Behind" really solidifies the team aspect of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. It's pretty rough to see Ray, Kendra and Sara having to fend for themselves without an explanation but everything seems to work out for the best.

Now, it's back to taking out Vandal Savage. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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