'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Last Refuge' Season 1 Episode 12, Here Comes the Pilgrim

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The Time Masters are pulling out all of the stops in CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

In "Last Refuge," episode 12 of season one, the team must use the information they have on The Pilgrim to save the early versions of themselves before they are erased forever.

The Pilgrim has been enlisted to track down the younger version of the team and take them out. Killing the younger versions of the team prior to their superpowers would erase them from existence, which is exactly what the Time Masters plan to do.

Rip's plans to throw off The Pilgrim involves Sara, Leonard, Mick, Stein and Jax to kidnap their past selves before The Pilgrim gets to them. They are really racing against time and an enemy in this episode.

The episode begins with the Time Masters Council sentencing a Time Pirate to death. He is put to death as the Pilgrim takes out a younger version of him, causing him to vanish. The council presents Pilgrim with her next mission which happens to be the legends.

Meanwhile, Rip, Mick, Leonard, Sara and Jax are looking for young Mick.

They don't find him however, Ray does and they capture him and go. Jax tells Mick what they did but he doesn't seem to want to communicate with his younger self.

Kendra and Sara are sparring and Kendra says she did not tell Ray about meeting her older self. The kick things back into gear. Elsewhere, Stein asks Mick if he is going to console his younger self after losing his parents but Mick says he's just fine.

He thanks Ray for saving the younger him as they realize that a younger Sara is the next target in Starling City.

The Pilgrim arrives at the station where a young detective Lance and younger Sara are enjoying father daughter time.

She attacks everyone and before she could get to young Sara, the present day Sara comes in and takes out the Pilgrim with the help of Mick.

Once young Sara and young Mick have been captures, Rip realize something is wrong. They can no longer track the Pilgrim and that means she could target any one of them at any time period. Stein says Gideon was tracking The Pilgrim and he didn't think it was possible to lose track of her.

Rip says if they die in the past they are dead in real life. Kendra is safe and so is Rip but everyone else is in danger.

Leonard realizes Rip never told them of his past and he doesn't trust a man with a past.

Meanwhile, young Sara and young Mick have a little fight but Sara breaks it up and tells them to sit tight. Young Sara is worried about Lance but Sara assures her not to worry. Kendra drops in on Ray who is eating some cereal. Ray says he does to the two years when it was just her and him when things get crazy.

He says it kept him grounded but before he could tell her that he was going to propose, Ray begins suffering from internal injuries. Rip arrives and Gideon tells them that the Pilgrim is attacking Ray at Palmer Industries.

They race off to the time period and Jax and Rip have to save Ray.

Rip uses Ray's laser gun to ward off the Pilgrim and back on the ship Ray finally has the chance to finish what he was trying to say.

He gives Kendra the ring and she is at a loss for words.

Stein says that the Pilgrim is reversing time and Rip says they are lucky to have saved Dr. Palmer. Leonard continues to bring up the fact that Rip has yet to tell them about his past. Rip comes up with a new plan to get the younger versions back home but it's all risky.

Sara visits Kendra and who reveals she is engaged to Ray. Kendra says she said yes at the time but she never thought about marriage.

She isn't sure what to do and Sara asks her if she liked babies. Sara says she needs Kendra's help then she will help her figure out what she needs to say to Ray. However, Ray has already heard everything.

Sara and Kendra arrive at another time to pick up baby Leonard and they are so caught up in his cuteness. They grab baby Leonard and head out. Before young Mick and young Sara can escape, they are caught by old Mick, Sara and Kendra. They leave their younger selves in charge of baby Leonard. Stein and Jax are trying to figure out a way to figure out how to get their younger selves back.

Jax reveals that his dad died serving in Somalia. Rip and Mick arrive at 1950 and kidnap a newborn Stein. Stein and Ray are back in time during Jax's birth.

Stein sees Jax's father who is actually alive and not overseas. Stein brings Jax in and Jax walks up to his dad and tells him that he was supposed to ship out.

Jax dad explains why he was still there and Jax's dad seems pretty excited about his son and all of the things he is grateful for. His dad has to leave and asks Jax to give the nurse a message.

He asks Jax to tell the nurse that he saw his son and that he will be home as soon as he can.

Jax almost admits to being his son but he just says congratulations instead. When they both leave, The Pilgrim arrives and she comes up to an empty baby crib that reads "missed me."

Rip brings everyone to his mother's house for safe keeping. The team is shocked about where they are and Rip tells them they better be careful his mother is very strict. They find out that Rip's mother is his adopted mother. She tells them that they are in the time refuge and no one would think to look for them there.

Mick confronts his younger self about setting the house on fire and killing his family. Mick says he thinks he fell in love with the flames and only became concerned about his own skin.

Mick says while he is gone there better no be any accidents or he will come back and kill him. Young Mick says old Mick sounds just like his dad.

Rip's mom presents him with some pies for his friend as they get ready to take out. She tells him that he was meant for great things and won't accomplish anything if he keeps moping. She rushes him off as she is tasked of keep all of the young ones safe.

Stein walks up on Jax and says he is sorry about earlier. Jax is emotional and thinks he should have told his father something that could have changed his life.

Jax says everything good he ever did, he wondered what his dad would think.

Kendra is playing around with her ring when Ray walks in. He says he heard her and Sara talking and he understands what she did. He says if Kendra needs a way to let him down easy but he is cut off.

Kendra says she knows hey won't last because of meeting her older self. Kendra says it is all too complicated but Ray says it isn't.

He says if being with him makes her happy she can be happy or believe in her old self. He tells her when she decides she can let him know.

Rip summons everyone to the room to show them a message from the Pilgrim. She is threatening the lives of their family members if they don't turn themselves in. They now have an even bigger mess on their hands. They team is traveling in the Waverider and Rip contacts The Pilgrim.

Rip says he will counter the demand with an offer of his own. He surrenders himself in exchange for the safety of his crew.

The Pilgrim is not interested, however, Rip says he is offering Rip hunter before he was a Time Master. Rip then tells Leonard his wish is going to come true and he is going to see his past.

Rips mother brought his younger self to meet with The Pilgrim. The Pilgrim says that she is ready to do whatever she has to for the Time Masters Council. Mick says before she takes Rip they need to see the prisoners. The Pilgrim decides to do an even exchange and presents Jax's dad for young Rip.

Rip assures his younger self that he will be okay. When Jax's dad is safe, the entire team releases and attack on the Pilgrim, however, they are all frozen in time.

They have her surrounded and she prepares to kill their loved ones, however, young Rip strikes and takes her out long enough for the team to finish what they started. They have taken out the Pilgrim.

The team finally knows who Rip was and Leonard says luckily for them, he didn't forget his roots. Back at the Refuge, Rip's mother promises that she will look after his friends. She asks him if he remembers the first day he was there and he recalls trying to steal her purse. She is confident that he will be back. Mick approaches his younger self and reveals that they are the same person.

Mick tells him that it wasn't his fault. Young Mick says the flame go out of control and he ran out without waking anyone up.

Mick says he was just a kid and he spent his whole life blaming him for something he didn't do. Mick says you can't change the things you did but you can change who you become.

Sara finishes explaining everything to her dad and presents him with a memory pill to help him wipe his short term memory. He is proud of her for protecting people. Rip walks in on Stein who is worried because his wife doesn't remember him. He fears he won't have the chance to say goodbye to her but Rip promises him that he will.

Jax says goodbye to his dad who now knows who he was speaking to at the hospital. His dad says he has never been so scared as he was when Jax was born.

Jax gives his dad enough information to try to help save his life.

Ray meets with Kendra after talking to his old fiance. He apologizes for proposing to her when he did. Kendra says there is never going to be a right time for that and says they should stop waiting for the right time. She puts the engagement ring back on and says she wants to marry Ray.

Jax tells Rip what he told his dad but Rip is not upset about it. Mick decides to change his ways and the entire time is back on the same page again.

Rip says time is beginning to set but they need to move swiftly to locate Savage.

Rip says they know that Savage is in one period for sure and they must strike him in the future since they have run out of time.

"Last Refuge" happens to feature one of the most ruthless villains in DC's Legends of Tomorrow yet. The fact that The Pilgrim would be willing to take children out speaks volumes of the lengths that the Time Masters are going through to get to Rip and the team.

It will be interesting to see how they balance escaping the Time Masters and Vandal Savage. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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