'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'The Justice Society of America,' Season 2 Episode 2

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Last week, CW's "Legends of Tomorrow" gained a historian buff but lost a captain. Now they'll be learning of few lessons from an older generation of superheroes in "The Justice Society of America."

While in Nazi-occupied Paris, the Legends have a run in with the Justice Society of America. When a time aberration threatens the JSA, Ray, Sara, Mick and Stein all offer their help.

Too bad the JSA doesn't want it. Nate tries to find his place on the team and feels like he has to prove himself.

The Justice Society of America kicks the Legends' butts before taking them in. They don't believe the time travel story. When they question the Legends, Nate reveals he's is Captain Steel's grandson. Eobard is making deals with Nazi's promising them world domination. JSA clearly don't believe them but send them off back to their ship.

Ray wants someone to step up as leader. Stein volunteers himself.

Sara breaks the news to Nate that he's not part of their team. He notices that his grandfather's dog tags are missing. They must return to 1942 or the JSA are going to suffer untimely deaths.

The Legends must sneak into a Nazi night club in order to look for the soldier Krieger. Stein happens to look like a popular singer of the time and thinks he can imitate him. Jax worries that he won't be able to handle himself if things get too dangerous. Sara and Nate engage in some friendly flirting. Stein manages to get them in. Ray spots Vixen.

He offers their help. Stein is forced to perform a song in order to prove he's Lorenzo. He nails a rendition of Edelweiss.

Nate overhears the Baron's plans. Before they can leave Ray gets called out for not hailing Hitler. It immediately turns into another bar brawl.

Sara discovers that Nate is a hemophiliac, which is why he's a historian not a crime fighter. Sara orders him not to get off the ship tomorrow. Vixen tells Ray he's not a hero. A team stops the Baron's convoy.

Captain Steel is able to secure the amulet. Stein hesitates in his decision on what to do about Krieger, allowing him to transform into a giant.

Sara takes over when Stein fails to give quick orders. The team is forced to leave Ray and Amaya behind.

Ray's advanced technology has once again fallen into Nazi hands. Luckily, Krieger doesn't seem interested in it. Ray bargains his brain for Amaya's life.

Being the leader isn't working out for Stein and he's bending over the stress. Nate confronts his grandfather, who's been avoiding him because of Nate's level of hero-worship.

Stein relinquishes the title of leader to Sara. Just in time for her to stop Tyler from sacrificing Ray and Amaya.

When Krieger leaves, Ray and Amaya are able to take out the two guards left. Ray's about to enhance himself when more guards appear, reporting an attack on the bunker. Krieger is lured out by Firestorm.

Steel and Mid-Nite end up taking him on. Steel is chased by him after shooting him in the back. Nate shows up with a motorcycle. The B-17s drops bombs that take out Krieger but also Nate and Steel.

Nate is hurt pretty bad but Ray still has a modified version of serum. He gives it to him hoping it'll save his life. It starts to work.

The JSA and Legends part on better terms. Amaya concedes that Ray is hero even if he's not a superhero. Nate and his grandfather have a pleasant conversation and the tags reappear. Eobard kills Rex before stealing the amulet back.

"The Justice Society of America" was an interesting parallel to the Legends. "Legends of Tomorrow" continue to freefall through time but at least the aberrations are giving them a direction. Watch them muddle up time Thursdays at 8pm.

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