'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Fail-Safe' Episode 5 Season 1, Escaping the Cold War

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The last time we saw the team of CWTV's DC's Legends of Tomorrow, they were exactly whole.

In "Fail-Safe" episode five of season one, what's left of the team has to pull it together and complete a plan that could help free the captured members.

Stein, Ray and Mick are being held captive in a Russian gulag during the height of the Cold War in 1986 but their team members have a plan to get them out. Leonard takes on the leader's role in order to help carry out an elaborate escape plan to free the rest of the team members.

Feeling as if they can work without Sara, Rip sends her on her own mission but things get pretty ugly and it could jeopardize the team.

The episode kicks off as Stein recounts finding the formula they needed to stabilize the Firestorm Matrix, however, when Cisco refers to him as sir, Stein realizes that he is not in STAR Labs and refuses to hand over the full formula. It was in fact Valentina who was creating an illusion for Stein. Stein says that he will never give up the formula and demands a hot shower and a change of clothes.

Then, Stein runs into Savage and he doesn't really recognize him. Savage says that he has met some of the most skilled interrogators in his life, however, he felt that Stalin was the worst.

Savage refuses to use the weapon he was given to torture Stein and he says he will find other ways to torture him. Stein is relentless in not giving up information and Savage tells him it's going to be fun.

Jax wakes up to the voice of Stein calling his name. Kendra comes in to see what's wrong and he tells her that Stein is in trouble. Kendra tries to assure him that everything will be okay, however, Jax is taking all of the blame. Meanwhile, Sara, Leonard and Rip are trying to figure out a way to break into the gulag.

Leonard and Rip go back and forth arguing over Rips actions. Sara says that the key to breaking in might be someone who is use to being there.

Leonard realizes that the Russian Mob is just who they are looking for.

Leonard and Rip meet one of the mob members while in a sauna and they are refused the help because they don't have a tattoo. When Sara comes in and kicks some ass, it buys Leonard and Rip a little time to forcefully extract the information they need. Rip takes on the mob hand but he doesn't quite hold his own.

Sara comes in and convinces the mob hand to give up some information. He says if their friends are in there, they must be some really ruthless criminals.

However, it's quite the opposite, Ray is trying to make friends in prison and Mick tries to give him a lesson in how prison works. They both get locked in the same cell.

The team is now holding information that can help them plan the escape and Rip tells Jax and Kendra that they can't go. He doesn't want the two people Savage wants the most running right towards him.

Rip then takes Sara to a room and shows her what happens if they fail the mission.

Rip tells her they need a contingency plan and if it becomes clear that Stein is beyond their reach, he wants Sara to kill him.

Leonard approaches Sara and tells her it's impressive how many weapons she can fit in her outfit. He says he plans on saving Ray to beat some sense into him. Then asks why Rip kept her after class.

Sara tells Leonard that if Stein breaks the damage is irreplaceable. Leonard tells her that they are all just pawns to Rip because of what has already transpired.

Sara says she is going to do whatever it takes to protect her city.

Ray and Mick are getting the prison food treatment and Ray strikes up a conversation trying to figure out a place for them to go that may help with their escape. However, a big prison yard bully comes in and Ray gets himself into a fight he can't win without the Atom suit. Valentina and Stein are still at a standstill as he is not budging on his information.

She tells him she is so close to creating a nuclear man and all she needs to learn is how to stabilize it.

She mocks America and Stein tells her that Savage is just using her but she slaps him and tells him not to think about insulting her.

Jax and Kendra are struggling to figure out what it is they can do to help. Kendra suggests that Jax sends Stein a signal. He tells her to get a knife because she needs to cut him.

Valentina gets ready to administer a toxin to Stein. he receives a message carved in his arm that read, "we're coming," then tells Valentina to do her worst.

Ray is mad at Mick for not jumping in when he was getting his ass kicked and Mick tells him that the only team he is on is his own and Leonards.

Just then, the Russian warden comes in to find Ray and Mick and tells them they are the ones he wants. Rip manages to get into the prison by dropping Yuri The Bear's names.

Before Leonard and Sara enters he reminds her about the team and who she is thinking of killing if it all goes wrong.

Inside, Ray and Mick are being tortured in front of Stein as a way to get him to give up the final pieces to the formula.

Ray and Mick are fighting through the pain of interrogation and Ray urges Stein not to tell the bastards anything. Stein tells Savage that he has no sentimental attachment to Mick or Ray but Savage is hoping that patience will pay off. Ray and Mick are finding creative ways to anger the warden and Ray ends up saving Mick from a beating by taking it.

Stein cracks when he sees Ray getting pummeled and tells Savage he will give up the formula if he stops torturing them. Leonard and Sara make it through and Mick tells Ray that he is stupid for taking the bating.

Ray tells Mick that there are somethings that he believes in, like the team. He says there must be something to Mick that is worth dying for and Mick tells him the perfect score.

Rip is back to barking out orders as Sara fails to rescue Stein. She tells Rip she knows what she has to do. Stein gives Valentina one more time to get on his side and name-drops Tony Stark. He tells her in his time criminals rule her country and his country is not perfect but they are free.

He tells her that she is on the wrong side of history. However, it doesn't change her mind and she tells him that he will help them change history.

Kendra and Jax speak with Rip and assert their feelings about getting involved in the mission. Kendra tells Rip to create a distraction so that she can fly Jax in to combine with Stein.

Leonard finds Mick and Leonard wants to leave without him but Mick seems to be having mixed feelings. Rip, Jax and Kendra go over a seemingly impossible plan and get ready to move.

Valentina tells Stein that there is something missing from the equation.

She notices the message on his arm and realizes that his friends are coming and that he is also one half of Firestorm.

Valentina asks Stein if he has ever merged with a woman before and tells him that they will make a wonderful Firestorm.

Sara gets in position to take out Stein when Kendra and Jax fly in. Rip tells Sara there has been a change of plans and that they are going to save Stein. Leonard tells Mick that he can believe he is risking his life for a fool. The fool being ray.

Jax manages to use his athleticism to reach the box he needed causing the prison to go under lockdown. Mick carries Ray out while Leonard leaves and says there is something he needs to do.

Meanwhile, Valentina has locked herself into the chamber and the guards are walking Stein over. Sara contemplates taking the shot on Stein but Leonard talks her out of it and tells her that she isn't a killer anymore.

Stein enters the chamber with Valentina and Valentina fuses with Stein. Kendra finds Savage who tries to to convince her to join him. She tells him no and Rip hunter holds a gun to Savage's head. He tells him that he is there so that Savage never builds another Firestorm.

Rip then demands a piece that was taken from him. Savage mocks Rip and tells him that he will let his wife and child know that he was the reason for their death.

Rip leaves the room and blows it up.

Valentina is power mad and Jax realizes that he needs to get Stein back. Jax begins talking to Stein and tells him that his mind is stronger that hers. He tells Stein that he knows he won't let Valentina kill him. He urges Stein to fight Valentina. He separates and the team watches as Valentina becomes unstable. The team escapes as Valentina explodes.

The team is time jumping and celebrating with a shot. Ray thanks Mick for saving him. Gideon reveals that the projection of the future is back to normal.

Stein tells Jax he was the hero today and that he saved his life. He says he is lucky to have Stein as his partner.

Sara tells Rip that Stein doesn't know she was going to kill him. Rip tells her that not pulling the trigger was a step in the right direction. She tells Rip she had some help and looks over at Leonard, however, they take a hit. Chronos is on their tail and everyone has to strap in.

They lose Chronos but not his missile. They have been knocked out of place and time and land in a strange place that looks as if it was heavily damaged.

Palmer recognizes his building with Felicity's last name on it. They are in Star City and they are greeted by a new Green Arrow, who is not aware of the plan to save the world by traveling through time.

"Fail-Safe" continues to show the early growing pains of DC's Legends of Tomorrow team. The team really has to work together and make sure that they have each other's back.

There is no telling how or if they are going to defeat Savage. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

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