'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Destiny' Season 1 Episode 15, Taking Back Your Destiny

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Nothing seems to be getting easier for CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

In "Destiny," episode 15 of season one, Rip and the rest of the team has to deal with being held by the Time Masters who are working with Savage.

The Time Masters seem to have a pretty strange effect on Rip and Mick whenever they come in contact with them. That being said, both of the reactions are quite different, making for a pretty dynamic aspect to the episode.

Kendra is finally reunited with Carter at the cost of her relationship with Ray. Sara is forced to take over the Waverider with Rip in trouble.

Leonard realizes that it might be time for him to accept the role as a hero. Rip decides that the team needs to seize their destiny back from the control of the Time Masters and the horrid Vandal Savage.

It all began with a flashback of Rip showing the team what would happen to Star City if they did not go with him. It's the speech he gave them that got them to join him on their crusade.

The team talks it over and Leonard and Mick were the first two to turn their backs. Sara didn't sign on and Jax didn't want to either.

Stein tries to talk to Jax and get through to him and asks him to sleep on it, however, Jax says the answer will still be no. Meanwhile, the future Jax comes back in to tell Stein that he needs his help because the team is in trouble.

Back in the holding area Stein is suffering because he has not merged with Jax in some time.

Mick tells the team that they will try to brainwash him again. The only members in holding happen to be Ray, Kendra, Stein and Mick. Officers come in to take Kendra and Mick away.

Kendra fights back but is shot and subdued. Rip is brought before the Time Master that betrayed him. Rip asks why they haven't killed him yet and they reveal that two of his crew are still alive.

They want Rip to help them find Leonard and Sara however, Rip is very combative. The Time Master shows Rip a future of what would happen if Savage is not there to defend it.

Rip says they are as mad as Savage if they think that he will save the world. The Time Master says he knows Rip won't take his work for it, that's why he has something else to show him.

Sara and Leonard make it back on to the ship and Leonard tells her they should get out of there. Sara wants to know why he would leave the team behind. Leonard says that they need to leave a pulls his cold gun on her.

She dares him to shoot her but they are saved when the telephone on the Waverider starts ringing. It's Gideon and the operating system is intact.

She tells them where the rest of the team is and that they are alive for the moment.

Kendra wakes up and Savage is there to greet her. They are on a time ship and so is Carter. Savage says he is taking them to appointment that he has with destiny.

A Time Master is trying to get Mick to reassume his role as Chronos. Mick says he better hopes the plan works or he is going to stomp him out. They turn on the machine and Mick yells in pain.

Rip was brought to the holiest room that presents information on the timeline. The Time Master tells Rip that he has been helping Savage and that they have been using the oculus to manipulate him.

The story continues as the Time Master reveals that Rip and his team are responsible or making the timeline work in their favor. Rip looks into the past, looking at the way every event will happen, including the future events.

Rip says everything he has done was to save his family and that no one can control him. The Time Masters were the ones that ordered Savage to kill Rip's family so that he would have a purpose to find him.

Back in the holding area Rip is placed in a cell near Ray and Stein. Stein thinks that they tortured him, however, Rip says that they showed him the truth. He tells them they have been following the timeline.

Rip tells Ray that the Time Masters also showed him Ray's death. Jax and Stein are working on a way for him to help the rest of the team.

He tells Stein he forgot how arrogant Stein was. He tells Stein to relax because he didn't die. Jax tells Stein to stop worrying about himself and start helping him.

Mick awakens from his torture and when he is asked his name, he finally says Chronos after repeated shocks. He is released and suits up in his hunting armor.

The Time Masters want Mick to hunt Sara and Leonard. Sara and Leonard are busy putting what looks like explosives on ships.

Stein, Rip and Ray are going over everything that they have learned so far. Stein says they are completely out of allies, however, Ray says as long as Sara and Leonard are out there they have a chance.

Meanwhile, Sara and Leonard are still bickering about their current predicament as Sara works on Gideon's big plan.

Leonard tells Sara a story from a heist with Mick. Then, the time drive is reactivated and Sara and Leonard time jump using the Waverider.

The Time Masters order ships to go after the Waverider, however, they are malfunctioning thanks to the devices that Sara and Leonard planted. The Time Master tells Stein, Rip and Ray that their friends have time jumped away.

He plans on killing them however, the Time Masters ship comes under attack by Leonard and Sara.

Leonard rescues them but Chronos comes in. He is ordered to fire at Leonard, however, he turns around and fires at the Time Master.

Mick then walks over to him and as promised, crushes his head beneath his boots.

The team returns to the ship minus Kendra, Jax and Carter. Rip asks Gideon to get out of there, however, Gideon says they have a problems.

Rip and Ray are trying to override the command from Mick's armor and the beam holding them in place disconnects, sending them into space. In the past, future Jax says goodbye to Stein who apologizes to him for being an insufferable know-it-all.

Jax says he forgives Stein for the whole roofie thing. Stein says the young man in front of him is proof that something went right on the adventure.

Rip tells the team the professor's condition is the least of their worries. Rip then tells the team about the oculus and Ray's death. He says Palmer's death is not part of their plan.

They are playing out the script and have to figure out how to do something they don't want. Ray says they should destroy the oculus and they actually have a shot at it.

The team agrees that they are going to become legends and change their fate. Leonard says this is madness, however, he likes it. Rip tells the team it's time they seize their destinies back.

Ray is enjoying a cupcake and tells Mick if he is going to die there is no sense in watching his weight. Mick actually tries to convince him that the Time Masters could be wrong.

Ray asks how Mick avoided being turned into Chronos this time. Mick says he thought about the team and if he can survive not being Chronos, Ray can survive anything they throw at him. He tells Ray not to tell the team he actually cares.

Leonard visits Sara with cards but she says she is not in the mood. He is there to apologize and Sara seems pessimistic about everything.

Sara says she feels responsible for the things she has done. Leonard says he is kept up by things that he didn't do. He talks about the two of them maybe having a future together but Sara says if he wants to steal a kiss from her, he has to be a hell of a thief.

Rip is trying to help Stein with finding a way to destroy the oculus. They arrived at the Vanishing Point and Stein briefs them on what they are up against.

Stein tells them they will be creating a very big explosion. The team exits the Waverider and makes their way towards the oculus.

They are met by the Time Masters and soldiers and it looks like they have walked into a trap. The Time Master says it is not a trap, it's destiny.

The Time Masters plan on executing them but out of nowhere comes a ship that takes out all of the soldiers. It's Jax who arrived right on time and merges with Stein.

The team makes their way to the oculus and Ray is in charge of dismantling it. Mick and Rip go off as Sara, Firestorm and Leonard guard the entrance.

Elsewhere, Savage is getting off his ship to kill Rip's family again and Kendra begs him not to, but he leaves anyway. Rip shows up and tells Ray that dismantling the oculus is how he dies.

Ray says it is okay because all his life he wanted to make a difference. The entire team gives Ray the cover he needs as he works on the oculus.

Ray almost falls in but Mick saves him. Ray is almost done, however, a fail-safe activates and he has to remain in contact with it in order to destroy the oculus.

Savage destroys Rip's wife. Mick knocks out Ray and decides that he will be the one to seek revenge on the Time Masters.

He takes Ray in his pocket and when he tells Leonard what Mick is doing Leonard takes off to help his friend. Leonard tells Mick to forgive him and knocks him down.

He tells Sara to get him out of there and she plants on last kiss on Leonard.

The Time Masters yell at Leonard to shut the oculus down but Leonard says there are no strings on him and the huge explosion occurs.

The team takes off in the Waverider and everyone is thinking about Leonard's sacrifice. Ray says Leonard was a hero. Sara agrees that that is what Leonard was.

Mick is quiet and not saying a word. Rip asks Gideon for the timeline information but there is none because they destroyed the oculus. Rip wants to know if his family was killed again and Gideon confirms that they were.

Mick is checking out the ring he and his friend heisted back in the day when Ray comes in. Mick asks him to get out because he wants to be alone. Ray tells him from this point forward, they have total control.

Ray apologizes to Mick for the loss of Leonard. Mick says he stills feels the need to kill someone to avenge Leonard and Ray says Savage still has Kendra and Carter. Mick says he will do just fine.

Savage gets a call from the remaining Time Masters who tells him that the oculus is destroyed and he can't be helped anymore.

Kendra mocks him with laughter but Savage says he has the ability to both rule the world and change it.

"Destiny" is one of the most literal titled that CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow have given an episode this season.

The team seems to be finding your identity now more than ever. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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