'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Blood Ties' Season 1 Episode 3, Simple to Complex

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The CWTV's DC's Legends of Tomorrow is a huge hit with fans and this week it got even better.

In "Blood Ties" episode three of season one, things get pretty complicated for the team when they all split up on separate missions.

Rip Hunter believes that he can get to Vandal Savage by depleting all financial assets, which would render him powerless when it comes to funding his arms. Rip enlists Sara's help to try and compromise Savage's bank but things go awry and they come face to face with Savage's men. Snart and Rory are left on the ship with Jax and they seem to be up to their old tricks. The thieving duo tries to get Jax to help them jump back to Central City in order to steal a priceless emerald.

One of the most dangerous missions is carried out by Atom and Dr. Stein and it comes with some pretty insane action. There is also an update on Hawkgirl and Hawkman.

The episode began in Ancient Egypt 1700 BC. Savage is writing an inscription when an assassin comes in to kill him. The assassin attacks and reveals himself as Rip Hunter. The scene changes to Germany and Stein, Rip and Ray are attending to Kendra whose condition seems to be worsening.

They still can't time jump and and the team is trying to figure out a way to stop Savage. Rip says that they need to stop Savage in the past and save everyone in the future.

Rip hunter said he has seen men of steel die and dark knights fall, a nod to Superman and Batman.

Jax is called upon to try and fix the ship while the rest of the team figures out the next move.

Sara approaches Rip but he tells her he would like to be alone. She realizes that his speech was meant to convince them that they could defeat them. She says maybe they need to weaken Savage instead of taking him out completely. Sara proposes that they take away Savage's fortune, which will set his plan back for a few years.

They are still in 1975 and the two of them seem to be off to find Savage's assets. Meanwhile, Stein and Ray are arguing over what the right way of going about helping Kendra is.

Rip hunter attempts to go to find Savage's bank but Sara refuses to let him go. Mick and Leonard come in and they want in on the bank job as well but Rip decides to go with Sara instead.

Leonard managed to steal the keys to the ship before Rip hunter left. Ray gets into his Atom suit and shrinks down small enough to be injected into Kendra's bloodstream. He finds the artery that he must travel to and begins destroying the fragments. Before Ray can finish destroying the fragments, he loses core containment and has to find a way out fast. Rip and Sara enter the bank and find a way to place something in the safety deposit box.

While the attend does so, Rip breaks into the computer and Sara tells him that they have a problem. Sara notices that everyone at the bank is actually trained assassins.

Rip hunter doesn't believe her at first until he looks up.

They have no choice but to rip through the bank workers and Sara ends up looking like a total badass. She almost kills the bank attendant that they need to get into the computer but Rip manages to stop her.

Rip is trying to find out what got into Sara. He tells her what he saw back there was an animal and that he was concerned. She fills him in on the effects of the Lazarus pit and the bloodlust. She says that she isn't an animal, she is a monster.

Leonard and Mick are bugging Jackson about taking a trip to Central City and helping them steal an emerald. Jackson asks if there is anything he thinks about other than himself and Leonard says money.

Leonard tells him that he wouldn't have to do anything but get them to and from Central City. It seems as if Leonard might be getting to Jackson.

Meanwhile, Stein is trying to help Ray keep his confidence up. Stein finds out that Ray lost someone but Ray snaps back and Stein just tells him to fix the suit for Kendra's sake. Rip is interrogating Mr.

Blake but Blake reveals that Rip was once the assassin who tried to kill Savage in Ancient Egypt. Rip has to reveal to Sara that he had the chance to kill Savage and he hesitated.

Sara says that killing is never easy for a good man. He tells her that having a chance at avenging your family and not taking it makes you a monster.

Jackson actually takes Leonard and Mick to Central City and they come face to face with the emerald. Sara and Rip are still interrogating Blake who tells them that they can find the vessel at the Greyhill building. He tells them that within the vessel is the remains of Carter.

Rip says he won't let Carter's body be desecrated and Sara tells him they need to wait for the whole team.

Rip asks Gideon where everyone is and she reveals that Mick, Leonard and Jackson are not on the ship anymore.

They are in a pod and Leonard wants to take another detour but Jackson and even Mick are trying to talk him out of it.

Stein finally remembers that Ray was the only student that made him feel inferior in his class. Ray asks why he is telling him now and Stein says he doesn't recognize the current Ray who is lacking confidence. Ray finally admits that he lost his fiance and he created the suit so he would never be powerless again.

He panicked when he was hit by the fragment while inside Kendra's body. Stein tells him he believes in Ray but he needs Ray to believe in himself.

Rip, Sara and Blake make their way to Greyhill and Blake tries to get them to let him help, however, they stuff him in the trunk of their vehicle. Leonard returns to his old home and finds empty bottles of alcohol and his younger self. Young Leo asks Leonard if he is friends with his dad and Leonard tells him he needs to tell him something.

He tells his younger self to never let anyone hurt him and that he always has to look out for himself. Just then, his father shows up and aims a gun at future Leonard.

Leonard's father tells him to talk fast before he shoots him. Leonard tells him he is trying to do him a favor and presents him with the emerald to prevent him from being arrested.

He threatens his father and tells him if it wasn't for his sister, he would end him.

Leonard left and Mick and Jackson realize that Leonard was trying to prevent him and his sister from abuse which only started after his dad went to jail.

Rip and Sara are dancing at Greyhill and he tells her that she isn't a monster, just being tortured with an appetite she can't control. He tells her to be better and that one day she will. It looks like they have been spotted on the dance floor and they manage to enter a restricted area.

They take out the two men and enter the wing where Carter's body is being held.

They are about to leave when they are approached by Caleb who tells them to stay and find out what Savage is going to do with the body. Apparently, Blake has filled them in on everything.

Stein is talking Ray through Kendra's body and they manage to get it down to one more fragment. Atom finally destroys the last fragment and leaves Kendra's body. Stein says he couldn't be more proud of Ray.

Ray realizes that Stein lied to him in order to coax him through the mission. Either way, the two of them now share a new bond.

Caleb and the rest of the men capture Rip and Sara and they take them to a room where they show them Savage standing by the body of Carter.

The other men in the room are chanting and when Savage turns around he notices Rip as the assassin who tried to kill him 4,000 years ago.

Savage tells Rip that when he and his friends last attacked he was afraid he wouldn't get to meet him again. He only had to wait one and and then reveals that his plans for Carter's body. He starts severing the body but elsewhere, Kendra is chanting while Savage drinks the blood of Carter's body. He passes the cup on to the rest of the men and Kendra begins exclaiming about Greyhill.

Atom and Stein figure out where Rip and Sara are and take off to find and save them. Savage asks Rip why he sought to kill him and finds the locket of his wife and child.

Savage says he will be sure to keep their picture close and that he doesn't remember killing them. He also says that it seems like he has a lot to look forward to.

Stein radios Jackson and sends over coordinates to Greyhill so that they can rendezvous in hopes to save Sara and Rip. The calvary arrives and the team starts taking out Savage's men like flies. The teams major concern is getting Carter's body out of there but before they can Savage delivers one more blow. The team takes off with Carter's body while Rip battles Savage and Sara battles Blake.

Rip slits Savage's throat. Savage says he will heal and rise.

He says when he does, he looks forward to meeting his son. Sara loses it and starts beating Blake repeatedly, Rip stops her but when Blake tries to get the upper-hand she delivers one more blow.

Rip checks on the timeline and asks for a history of Savage's death. Kendra thanks Rip for what he did for Carter. Kendra says she doesn't think she is up to taking on Savage but Rip vows to help her. Snart realizes that he did not change anything and his father still gets arrested.

Jackson says that Leonard's effort has to count for something and Leonard says it doesn't. The team holds a funeral for Carter and Rip expresses the importance of the team in his speech.

Kendra kneels at the grave and asks Carter to come back to her before thanking Ray and Stein for bringing her back. Stein tells Ray that he believes Anna would be proud of him because he is.

Rip readies the team for takeoff and actually apologizes to the rest of the team. He says the reason he failed before is because he didn't have the rest of the team.

He says they can't move on unless everyone agrees to work together without ulterior missions. The team agrees and they head out to the 1980's as the next stop.

"Blood Ties" really heats things up for DC's Legends of Tomorrow. While the show is in it's first season it feels like there is a world of information that has already been dispensed through the first three episodes.

It's going to be interesting to see how the reason of the first season progresses. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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