'DC Legend of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Night of the Hawk' Season 1 Episode 8, 50s in Oregon

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There's a creepy little twist on CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. In "Night of the Hawk," episode eight of season one, the team uses the information from Captain Baxter to follow Vandal Savage to Oregon in the 50s.

The team makes themselves at home in an eerie town where unexplained murders are occurring. Naturally the team believes that Savage has to have something to do with it. Upon finding out that Savage is working as a doctor at a nearby psychiatric hospital, Stein and Sara team up for an undercover mission in the joint with a little help from Leonard.

After their big kiss is last weeks episode, Ray and Kendra find themselves getting even closer when they have to pretend to be a married couple in order to keep the neighbors off of their cover. The only problem with the plan is that interracial marriage wasn't normal in the 1950s so, they end up drawing a lot more attention than they bargained for.

Jax becomes the subject of a dangerous experiment from Savage and Rip has to use his brains in order to help the team get through one tough time period.

The action kicked off in Harmony Falls as an old time 50s drag race went underway. The two cars raced down the stretch of road but one of them suffers a flat tire and crashes. The man and woman inside are approached by their opponents when they see that they have hit a comet.

Vandal Savage appears out of no where and says he was drawn to the meteorite as well. He says that the presence of others were unexpected but it could be destiny.

The effects of time travel aren't getting much better. Rip says that they are in Oregon because Savage is committing murders in the small town. Rip says he plans to find Savage by investigating the murders and looking for links between them.

Ray and Kendra are shopping for a new home and their realtor doesn't seem to understand that an interracial couple is possible. Stein and Sara are looking for a job at the psychiatric hospital.

Meanwhile, Jax will have to attend school as the new kid. Rip and Leonard take on the roles of special agents.

Rip and Leonard arrive at the sheriff's office and bully their way in to getting the files of the murder. Rip tells calls Leonard partner but Leonard says he is not Rip's partner and he only counted on one person and it went down south.

Sara, Stein and Jax are having lunch and Jax says that creepy towns like these always has something go wrong.

Jax notices a girl sitting alone and they realize that it's the same girl who can be linked to the missing racers. Jax is given the task of talking to her while Sara and Stein go to the hospital.

Jax gets friendly with the girl but everyone seems disgusted, especially two jocks who call Jax a loser. Jax asks them to keep walking before the embarrass themselves.

He stands up to them when they don't leave and they ultimately back down.

The girl is impressed and asks Jax to hangout. Kendra and Ray are dancing in their new 50s home and they aren't quite sure what they are but want to have fun while they can.

Sara is not happy with having to investigate the hospital and she keeps joking about causing Stein a slow death. She leaves to retrieve some files when she overhears a doctor trying to sweet talk a nurse who doesn't want anything to do with him. Sara realizes that the she saved by making the doctor spill his coffee isn't looking for a husband.

She is taken on a tour where they come across a restricted hall of Dr. Knox who happens to be Vandal Savage.

Back at the Palmer's residence, Kendra and Ray meet their new neighbors, the Knox's. Elsewhere, a man is attacked by a winged creature while changing his tires.

The Knox's are bearing a welcome gift and Ray almost slips up when he sees Savage. Savage invites them to their party and later on Kendra and Ray reveal their new neighbor to everyone. The team is discussing ways to help take Savage down but Jax is worried about how easy Leonard iced Mick.

Either way Sara decides that she is going to keep l looking for the files. While she is rummaging through the cabinets she meets up with her nurse friend who leads her to where the booze is.

Kendra and Ray have their first run-in with interracial haters, when they are approached by Savage who says that he couldn't agree more when Ray says he has the most beautiful woman in the room with him. Meanwhile, Sara and the nurse are chatting about her secret. It appears as if the nurse is into women and she is ashamed of it because of the time-period and the town she is in.

Stein walks in on the nurses before things get a little hot.

Stein says that Sara's actions can really affect the young nurse who will have to live with her choices when Sara is gone. An alarm goes off as an emergency happens in Hall H.

As Ray tries to find some more dirt on Savage, Savage is trying to convince Kendra about believing in destiny. He is interrupted by a phone call and tells Kendra they will finish their discussion later because one of his patients need attending.

Savage arrives at the hall where he scolds three winged creatures for attacking and killing another man.

He says he allows them freedom and that is what they repay him with. The hawk creatures seem to be experiments that Savage has been working on.

Ray and Kendra return to then ship and fill Rip in on Savage's man cave at his house. They run into Jax who is ready for his date with Betty. They warn him to be careful of racists who won't hold back when it comes to showing their disdain for an interracial couple.

Ray is in his Atom suit rummaging around Savage's home as Kendra is on the lookout.

Ray finds a dagger in Savage's room and Kendra warns him that Savage is home. He shrinks himself before Savage notices him and dodges a bullet.

At the hospital Sara asks Nurse Carlisle if she every gets lonely at the creepy hospital. The nurse says she is only scared of Savage's office. They kiss but Sara stops herself leaving the nurse a bit confused. Jax's date is going pretty well and he has to slow things down.

He begins questioning Betty what happened to her boyfriend and she goes over the story of finding the meteorite. The jocks show up and disrupt the date but the creatures show up and disrupt the fight.

Jax gets into the car with Betty and before they can drive away Betty is badly wounded by the creature who she recognizes as Tommy.

Jax is off to take Betty to see Gideon when they are stopped by the police.

When Jax tries to explain his case, the officer knocks him out after being upset that Jax was out with a white girl over at Lover's Lane.

Rip and Leonard find Jax's abandoned car with the help of Gideon. Rip says Leonard was right for being concerned. They bring Betty to Gideon who says the lacerations were made by talons.

Betty says it was Tommy and his friends who looked like bird monsters.

Rip asks Betty if Tommy came into contact with a meteorite. When he hears the truth, Rip says that Tommy came into the same contact that Kendra came into contact with to get her powers.

The entire team minus Jax realize that they can take out savage because they have the dagger. They have to target the weaknesses and Kendra volunteers to be the one to get close enough to him. Ray and Kendra argue when he doesn't feel like she should be going alone.

Sara tells Stein that they have to back Kendra up. Stein says that gives Sara another chance to see Nurse Carlisle.

Stein finds out that Sara was the one who freaked out when she was kissed. She said it was like being kissed for the first time and she realizes that she could hurt someone or get hurt.

Jax wakes up in Hall H and Savage tells the sheriff that he and Jax has a lot to discuss. Savage says what he is doing at the hospital is not crazy.

He promises Jax an extraterrestrial power and injects him with a serum from the meteorite that turns Jax's eyes black.

Savage walks into the room to find Jax completely transformed. Savage says the affects of this meteor turned out much different from his interaction and leaves a screaming Jax.

Kendra arrives to meet with Savage and finished their conversation. Savage asks to take her coat. Ray is freaking out about Kendra and Savage in the patient area but it's all an act. Sara instructs Rip who now also has a job at the hospital, to take Ray to his room. Stein and Leonard wander the hall in search of Jax and preparing themselves to battle Savage.

Meanwhile, Kendra is putting on a front for Savage, telling him that she has dreams about him. When they kiss she reaches for the dagger but Savage stops and asks her if she is missing something.

He holds the the dagger to her throat. Elsewhere Rip and Ray are caught by the Sheriff.

Leonard and Stein find the night hawks and Leonard goes on the icy attack. Savage explains that he is trying to build an army like Kendra and she starts to fight back. Leonard and Stein stumble upon the mutated Jax and have to take some extreme measures to subdue him.

Ray, Sara and Rip are taking down the night hawks on the loose. Sara takes one out right in front of the nurse and says she will explain later.

Ray saves Kendra from Savage and Sara knocks out Jax so that they can take him along with them in hopes that his condition might be reversible.

Gideon and Stein have found a way to reverse the condition as Stein praises Leonard for his heroic acts. Jax is returned to his normal state. Sara meets with Nurse Carlisle to explain what happened.

Sara leaves her with one last kiss but the meeting ends on pretty good terms. Jax bought Betty a new car to make up for her old one.

She tells Jax that she wishes he didn't have to go. Tommy is reunited with Betty and Jax tells them maybe they will be reunited down the way.

Kendra starts apologizing to Ray but he says he got so caught up with playing house, he forgot why they were really there. He tells her that the last thing she needs is an over protective husband and asks her to be his partner instead. They steal things with a kiss. Jax meets with Leonard and he apologizes for what he said in the beginning of the episode.

Jax says he understands what happened with Mick. He says it doesn't make him a murder because he was protecting them.

When they try to get ready to leave, Chronos arrives and a gunfight ensues.

Rip orders everyone to fall back and get to the jump ship. Before Ray, Sara and Kendra can get to the ship, it takes off and they are left confused as to why they were left behind.

"Night of the Hawk" was definitely a chilling installment in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. It's also interesting to see how the show continues to use history in order to create accurate versions of the multiple decades that the team travels through.

The chase will continue until the team can finally get a hold on Savage. Fans can head over to CWTV for extras and clips from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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