'DC Legend of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Marooned' Season 1 Episode 7, Time Pirates Attack

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A number of issues await the team in CWTV and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. In "Marooned," episode 7 of season 1, the team is trapped in deep space when they come across another stranded ship.

With the Waverider trapped in deep space Rip stumbles upon another ship that sends out a distress signal. Rip recognizes the ship as the Acheron, the ship he trained on and met the woman who would later on become his wife.

He thinks about rescuing the ship and it's captain Eve Baxter, however, the situation gets out of control when Rip and some of the team are attacked by Time Pirates.

Ray is left in charge of the Waverider and Kendra is left in charge of Ray.

Meanwhile Leonard and Mick are still at odds and it could send Mick spiraling out of control leaving Leonard, Rip, Kendra, Stein, Jax, Sara and Ray at risk.

The episode kicks off as Rip reviews a message from his son Jonas and wife. He seems quite emotional and his wife says things have changed in London with many soldiers and rumors. She just wanted to know that he was alright and both she and Jonas tells him that they love him. Stein comes in and Rip still can't find a way out.

He snaps at Stein but apologizes. Stein tells Rip that he is the only one that his family has. Gideon requires a software update and it has been a week since they went anywhere.

Elsewhere, Mick is angry because he is trapped on the space ship and he and Leonard seem to be on bad terms. Sara asks if everything is okay between them and Leonard replies "peachy." Just then, a message comes in to the ship from another stranded ship called the Acheron. Rip sets a course when he sees a message from Captain Baxter.

Stein is excited to travel in deep space but Leonard thinks it could be a trap.

Mick says he is in because the sooner they take out Savage the sooner he can get back to his world. Gideon fires up the Waverider and the team travels to the Acheron.

Rip asks Stein and Jax if he would like to travel to the Acheron and Mick is eager for a change of scenery. Mick, Jax, Stein and Rip make their way over in a pod and Stein is excited for the trip. Gideon scans the ship and Rip tells Stein he will have to stay back incase anything goes wrong.

Rip remembers a time where he and his wife Miranda were being attacked by Time Pirates. It was actually a simulation and Rip was very upset because they could have gotten killed doing things the way Miranda did.

After, Rip was caught making out with Miranda and he had to face a disciplinary hearing.

Rip says they will find a way around the rules which forbid them from being together but she tells him she needs some time to think.

Jax, Rip and Mick are now on the Acheron and Rip urges them to stay close. The ship is dark but suddenly the lights go on and they are attacked by the Time Pirates. They are outnumbered and have no choice but to listen to their captors.

They are held at gunpoint and the captain of the Time Pirates shares the story of how they escaped from captain Baxter.

Rip asks them to let him go but the captain recognizes him and denies it. They want to prepare to leave and Rip tells a tale of his team who is ordered to shoot any ship leaving with him.

The rest of the team is playing Star Trek and Sara tells Leonard that Mick does have a point for hating him. The Time Pirate Captain calls in and demands that they surrender the ship but Rip issues a series of words that queue Gideon to fire at the Acheron. Stein can't get into contact with anyone and decides to board the Acheron. The rest of the team on the Waverider are strapped in and along for a ride.

The Waverider takes a hit and Ray decides to take control. Leonard and Sara head out to try to fix the hole. Meanwhile, the Acheron's weapons were manually taken offline by Stein.

Captain Cold patches the hole on the ship and the Time Pirate tells Rip to surrender but he issues another secret command and Gideon follows. Leonard runs out of charge and the breach is not fully fixed. Then the doors close behind Leonard and Sara who are now trapped in a vulnerable part of the ship.

Ray and Kendra find Sara and Leonard and they tell them that they will get them out. However, the time is limited as the temperature keeps dropping.

Rip and the rest of the team are put in the same holding area as Captain Eve Baxter. Baxter threatens to take Rip back to face a trial for harboring criminals. Baxter says she doesn't want help from a man who broke rules and stole a ship for his own selfish motives.

In a flashback, Rip and Miranda face trial and during the trial they do not deny what they were caught in.

They are given one hour to come up with an answer to prevent the council from discharging them from the Time Masters.

Sara tells Leonard that it must be like a day at the beach for him. He asks her what it's like dying and she says that she felt lonely. She felt like everybody she loved was a million miles away. This time she isn't dying alone.

Leonard says the first day he almost died he was in juvenile hall with Mick. Mick stopped the rest of the kids there from taking out Leonard.

Stein is being chased by a Time Pirate who caught him but he actually takes the Time Pirate down and seizes a gun.

Ray makes Kendra captain while he tries to enter space in his Atom suit. Rip, Jax, Mick and Baxter are trapped with a way out. Mick says it's not Jax's fault and says it's Rips fault.

Rip and Mick get very testy inside the holding room and suddenly Mick seems to have a plan.

Mick says he wants to speak to the Time Pirate captain an does not heed Rip and Jackson's warning. He says he may have the IQ of meat but he knows how to cut a deal.

Mick makes his way to cut the deal and he tells the Time Pirate that if he wants the Waverider, he has to take him home. Mick explains that he was recruited on the suicidal mission but this time he wants to turn the tables. Mick is attacked by the Time Pirate who doesn't seem to think Mick's friends would believe he wanted to escape.

Ray is still working ask Leonard and Sara continue to freeze and exchange stories. Sara says if they make it out alive Leonard will still have a problem with Mick because he is in a dark place.

Rip is losing hope and Jax tries to coax him but he is still feeling sorry for himself. Baxter calls out Rip for talking about loyalty but then he revealed that he failed to save his wife and his son.

He says he will never forgive himself for it and in a flashback, Rip was alerted that Miranda assumed complete responsibility for the affair.

She took the fall for Rip who was tasked with proving that he was worthy of the spot.

In present day, Stein comes in to save Jax and Rip. He and Jax will decide to fuse as they try to take out the Pirates. Ray is finding it hard to stay awake and Kendra helps him by asking him a series of questions. Ray says it's a good thing they never went on a date because the space date is terrible.

Then, Ray slips away after patching the hole. He makes it on to the ship but he is having a heart attack.

Kendra rips off his armor and she begins hitting his chest to get his heart started. Ray wakes up and thanks Kendra for saving him.

Leonard and Sara walk in and Gideon says that Mick is on his way back to the Waverider. Mick received a beating at the hands of the pirates and when he returns to the ship he has a team of pirates ready to take over the Waverider, Mick has betrayed his team.

Leonard asks Mick what he is doing and Mick says he is getting them home and asks if he is in. Leonard says yeah and that it's time to choose a side. However, he attacks the pirates and Mick.

Rip is going to meet the Time Pirate captain and Baxter refuses to leave her ship. Back on the Waverider, Sara, Ray, Kendra and Leonard are on the attack. On the Acheron, Rip is in a gunfight with the captain as Baxter, Jax and Stein head out to complete a plan.

Sara meets up with Mick and they engage in a pretty heated fight. Rip is losing his fight and Mick takes aim at Sara. Leonard comes in and saves Sara by shooting Mick.

Stein tells Rip they ran out of time and he has to man up in order to break free. Rip commands the ship to open the hatch as the pirates are sent spiraling into space. Stein, Jax and Baxter are safe and Rip has regained control of the Acheron.

Leonard is still pointing his cold gun at Mick who asks him what he is going to do. Baxter says she will not put Rip under arrest and admits she was wrong.

She presents him with a chip and gives him the place and time, Harmony Falls, Oregon 1958, where he can find Savage.

In a flashback, Miranda is asking Rip not to be mad with her and he says he was going to resign because he was so much better than he was. Miranda says she found something with him, love.

She says the Time Masters were wrong because love is not a threat.

She says that love changed her but the world needs the Time Masters, who need Rip Hunter. She tells him that she hopes he realizes why she made her decision one day.

Kendra finds Ray who is feeling good and he remembers one of the things she said to him. He tells her she was wrong because she doesn't need anyone. He says he was lucky to be on the mission with her and before he can finish, she plants a big kiss on him.

The team is discussing what they should do with Mick and Ray says they should drop him off however, Leonard says he will handle Mick. he drags him out of the ship and kicks him.

Mick says it will be the last time Leonard hits him. Leonard says he wishes there was another way but he is dangerous and a reliability to the team. Mick says that Leonard is still the punk kid he saved in juvey.

Mick tells Leonard to kill him if he wants but only one of them is walking away alive. Then, Leonard tells Mick he is right and firs his cold gun at Mick.

"Marooned" was the first episode that really pushes the team to the edge in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Near catastrophic events are making for a pretty harsh environment for the team and it makes it much more difficult when it comes to taking out Savage.

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