'A Day on the Lake with the Family:' The Music Video

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There's always that on part of the family vacation, where every one's feeling cool and excited. Except for one person. They don't wanna be there, they're over worrying, it's all the same. It's a mood killer.

This family, though, found humor in the situation. Out on a lake boat with that fun tube that gets pulled after the boat.

Well Mama Gin, clearly thought that the boat was going too fast to be safe for the passengers being towed along. She kept reminding the driver to slow down, slow down.

So after the vacation Travis Henning took the footage from their day on the boat and mixed with Clyde Carson's hit song "Slow Down" in a parody of Mama Gin's repeated saying.

It's clear that the video was done in good fun because while the stepmom does keep telling them to slow down, she doesn't seem overly angry about it.

Plus the music and the filter used in most shots just makes everyone else look cool.

A Day on the Lake with the Family