'90 Day Fiance' Shockers: The Explosive Breakup of Mohamed and Danielle, and Did Mohamed Get Another Woman Pregnant? (Watch)

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We all know that the last season of 90 Day Fiance was filled with drama. But no couple brought more drama than Mohamed and Danielle.

Tonight, we got a 2 hour recap of the entirety of Mohamed's and Danielle's relationship from the last season of 90 Day Fiance. But the last 15 minutes gave us us a sense of what's to come for their new show, Happily Ever After.

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90 Day Fiance: Past the 90 Days

We learn that Danielle and Mohamed have actually remained married for the last 10 months. A shot of a stone-faced Mohamed and Danielle telling us that they're like "any other married couple" portends some of the horror of their relationship.

Still, Danielle reveals that they have been "intimate" behind closed doors (although on her Facebook, she won't say whether that means they had sex).

Here's a clip of Danielle, Mohamed, and the family:

We learn from Mohamed that while he and Danielle fight and the "divorce" word comes up, they continue to remain together. But Mohamed has called the police several times from Starcasm:

December 16, 2015
Trouble With Subject
Caller: Mohamed Jbali
Officers were dispatched to xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx x regarding a Danielle Jbali throwing Mohamed Jbali's clothes outside.
Upon arrival, contact was made with the Mohamed and Danielle. Mohamed advised he told Danielle he wanted a divorce and he was going to be leaving soon. Mohamed said Danielle responded by throwing his clothes outside and that is why he contacted this department. Mohamed advised he was going to be moving out in a couple days.
Danielle advised Mohamed said he was leaving and she wanted to expedite that process by removing his clothes. Danielle stated she could not kick Mohamed outside due to him being a resident at the apartment. Officers advised both parties they would need to peacefully coexist until Mohamed moved out and they advised they understood.

90 Day Fiance: Was Mohamed Cheating?

The biggest shocker, however, from this segment of the recap episode of 90 Day Fiance is that Danielle informs us of a number of relationships that Mohamed is rumored to have had. Several women on social media have been saying that he's slept with them.

One woman even claims that he's the father to her unborn child. Danielle tells us that Mohamed has been on several trips, one to New York, one to North Carolina and one to Las Vegas without her.

Danielle's sister faces off against her about the rumors on social media. She hurls the harsh truth at Danielle and asks why she remains married to Mohamed when it's clear he's using her for a green card and he's probably cheated on her.

Danielle states firmly, though tearfully, that she needs to make the decision to divorce Mohamed on her own.

Mohamed states that he believes Danielle's family plays the biggest role in creating conflict between Danielle and him.

He and Danielle have a heart to heart about their relationship. Mohammed denies the rumors online and accuses Danielle of being too easily influenced by her family.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

We also see a few preview of episodes of a season of Happily Ever After to come.

In a heart racing moment, we see Danielle tailing Mohamed in a car. It becomes clear that when he's not with her, Mohammed comes and goes and spend him time in some pretty shady pursuits.

While he told Danielle that he works at a plastics company, it's not clear she'll actually find him there.

Danielle also reveals that she's discovered more and more about Mohammed that's convinced her he did not intend to marry her for honorable intentions.

Now, while it's not clear whether Danielle and Mohamed get divorced, we do know from her social media that they have separated and are in the process of divorce proceedings, but Danielle has so far kept Mohamed's last name, Jbali.

Here is another excerpt of a police report from Starcasm:

February 1, 2016
Civil Matter
Caller: Mohamed Jbali
Dispatch advised of a report of trouble with a Danielle Jbali at the listed location. On arrival Danielle Jbali was located outside the residence with Mohamed Jbali standing at the door. Danielle was demanding a set of luggage from Mohamed, who told her this would have to be settled in court. Danielle and Mohamed were separated.
It was learned they are in the process of divorce and are having a disagreement about marital property. Mohamed advised he has been living on Parkview Blvd. and has told Danielle not to come over. He continued stating she has been contacting him and others that reside in the residence, despite being told not to call or text. He asked that Danielle leave to prevent further issues and any property would be distributed through the court.
Danielle explained that when Mohamed moved out he used a luggage set and was supposed to return it. She was advised that this was a civil issue that would need to be handled in court, if they could not resolve this between them. She was also advised not to have any further contact, in person or by phone, with Mohamed or anyone else at the residence. Danielle and Mohamed were advised this report would be on file. Danielle stated she understood and left without further incident.

Although we aren't sure whether Mohamed and Danielle are divorced yet, we do know that as of August 30, 2016, Mohamed is still in the United States, currently living in Florida.

He seems to have built up a life there, and he's definitely taking the time to have fun:

But it is unclear if he is yet to be deported. Here is what he posted on Facebook:

Finally, here's the preview of this season, which we will be covering in depth:

We'll have to watch Happily Ever After to find out exactly what happened between them and what Mohamed did to make Danielle finally feel betrayed.

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