Dax Shepard Shoots His T-Shirt Gun On The Ellen Show

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The Ellen Show welcomed one of it's most frequent guests as Dax Shepard stopped by a couple of weeks before the release of his new film CHIPS.

Shepard chatted with DeGeneres about a current disagreement he and his wife, Kristen Bell, are having at the moment. He also showed off his T-Shirt Gun skills.

DeGeneres said she understood that he and his wife are in an argument and that she is the cause of it. Shepard said that DeGeneres is a player in the conflict.

He said after visiting DeGeneres' house for a party they realized that she has the most beautiful taste. Shepard does not have beautiful taste but his wife wanted to live their life like DeGeneres.

The actor said that his wife bought him a la-z-boy for his birthday. It was supposed to be in his office but because it did not fit, he brought it back to the house and put it right in the middle of his living room.

There was even a photo to describe how happy he looked in the la-z-boy at home. DeGeneres said it was bad feng shui. Clearly Bell is not happy with where the la-z-boy is sitting.

During his visit, Shepard also chatted about how he injured the bridge of his nose and cursed in front of her kids. What happened next is just what you would expect, his kid started using that exact same word.

You can watch Shepard chat about the Polar Bear Plunge and shoot out some T-Shirts in The Ellen Show videos below. CHIPS is set to release on March 24.

Dax Shepard Talks His Disagreement With Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard Shoots His T-Shirt Gun On The Ellen Show