David Spade Visits The Howard Stern Show To Promote 'Joe Dirt 2'

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Arguably one of the best comedians, David Spade, paid a visit to the Howard Stern Sirius XM Radio show to promote his upcoming film "Joe Dirt 2" and catch up with Stern.

Spade came onto the show in his usual joking manner but not before Stern gave him an introduction stating that he was a good friend of the show and that he loves Spade.

In came Spade with a sarcastically sexual joke about Howard Stern enjoying the Royal Blood's performance a little too much.

The actor told Stern that he was doing promotion in preparations for "Joe Dirt 2." The film is the follow-up to the 2001 comedy where Dirt embarks on a journey to find his parents who abandoned him. In "Joe Dirt 2" Spade's character is transported into the past and finds himself working back to his family in the present day.

The film is also produced by Adam Sandler who happens to be a good friend of Spade.

"David said he wrote it with Fred Wolf who is there with him," reported MarksFriggin. "Howard asked if it took a long time to get the first one done.

David said that people tell him about the movie all the time. He said people still talk about that and 'Tommy Boy.'"

"Standup comedy is where Spade cut his teeth while growing up in Arizona," according to Howard Stern's official site.

"His first solo comedy special, 'Take the Hit,' aired on HBO in 1998 and candidly tackled what it was like being raised by his mom, his relationship with his absent father and what a 'loser' he was as a teenager.

Fifteen years later, Spade released a second special, 'My Fake Problems,' and offered up another raw and raunchy take on what it's like being him."

Stern agreed that "Tommy Boy" is great movie while Spade assured him that the movie worked but it doesn't always work out that way. Meanwhile, Spade expressed that he thinks Melissa McCarthy is great despite not knowing her very well and commended her for her impression of Chris Farley.

Spade was not upset that he wasn't more involved with the Saturday Night Live Anniversary show because there were so many celebrities involved in it that it was lucky to get any part on the special.

Along with talk of Adam Levine making women's private parts wet from his performances during a birthday show, Spade spoke more about the Saturday Night Live show and other appearances such as the Ellen Degeneres Show and the David Letterman show.

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