"Dating Naked" Star Gets Stood Up On Show

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On tonight's episode of VH1's "Dating Naked," dater Moenay was stood up on what was supposed to be her third date for the show.

Moenay's third date pulled out saying that if he were to go through with being on the show he would embarrass his whole family.

Host Amy Paffrath broke the bad news to Moenay, who clearly was upset by not being able to meet another guy.

She was able to go on two dates and although she enjoyed her date with Mike, the other dater featured on the show, she felt no connection and was left feeling uncomfortable with Dan, her second date.

Mike, the other dater featured on the show, went on three different dates with three different girls and seemed to enjoy each one.

He most clearly clicked physically and emotionally with his second date Stephanie, as the two of them shared sexual relations twice during the airing of the show.

Before the selection ceremony Moenay talked with Mike about his decision, clearing showing how she was worried she wouldn't choose him. In a move he didn't see coming Moenay made a move and they shared a deep kiss. At the selection ceremony, Mike was left with three girls to choose from while Moenay was left with only two guys.

Moenay didn't surprise anyone and chose Mike to further date.

Mike had a tough decision between Moenay and Stephanie, and in the end he went with Stephanie. Moenay was invited back to show because they felt like she wasn't give a fair chance since her third date flaked on her.

The next episode of "Dating Naked" airs on September 11 at 9 p.m. on VH1