'Dating Naked' Michelle and Joe Recap: The Lost Episode

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On tonight's new episode of VH1's "Dating Naked" viewers got nearly a full view of Michelle and Joe bodies, as well as their personalities, as they bore all for dates in Honduras.

Joe, a business owner from California, and Michelle, a product specialist from Detroit, disrobed for their first dates on the island with different people

Michelle's first date was with the uncircumcised Felix and they embarked on a kayak and snorkeling adventure. The connection between them is clear at first, however their different outlooks disappointed Michelle in the end of the date.

Joe's date with Val didn't show immediate sparks, and as the two got to know each other more the sparks flew even less, despite Val's big breasts.

The end of the first night Michelle and Joe shared how their dates went and it seems the sparks were flying more between them than they did on their respective dates.

Michelle's next date was with James, and of course she had to inform viewers that he was uncircumcised compared to Felix. James shared how he was nervous and felt awkward, but she helped that go away on their date. The two body pained each other, and they did their best to not make it uncomfortable.

The attraction level between the two was definitely there, but it wasn't completely clear that if there was solid chemistry. Joe's second date was with Stacy, and the cameras made sure to catch her sexily walking out of the water.

The sparks were definitely flying between the two as they went on a jet ski ride together before doing some yoga.

The chemistry continued to build between the two as the date progressed and the two shared a kiss at the end of the date.

The final date was between the original daters Joe and Michelle and they admitted they were a little nervous but excited because of the connection they have made so far.

The attraction level and the chemistry between the two was evident when they went sailing together and shared wine and dinner on the beach.

Decision day proved tough for Michelle and Joe because each one went on great dates with different people.

When it came to decision time Michelle chose Joe, leaving Joe a hard decision between Stacy and Michelle. In the end Joe picked Michelle to pursue further dating.

For critics who believe the show just features attractive people hooking up, contestants Alika and Ashley from episode six were married on August 6, and VH1 aired their wedding on September 18.