Dating Naked Episode 9 Recap: "Beautiful Brit" Juliet and "Shallow" Sean

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On tonight's new episode of VH1's hit show "Dating Naked" viewers nearly got a full view of Sean and Juliet's bodies, as well as their personalities, as they bore all for dates on a tropical island.

Juliet, a British dance instructor and Sean, a former Marine, disrobed and right away couldn't take their eyes off each other. Upon first glance of her date all Juliet had to say to the narration camera was that she, "felt bad," insinuating for the viewers that he was lacking downstairs.

Sean was also quick to note as well how he was attracted to Juliet, but that he's dated better looking girls, revealing a shallow personality.

With both their butts not blurred out, the cameras sure had a hard time looking away from Juliet's backside.

After their date of racing in giant hamster balls Sean gave her a massage and the two talked, and once again he left her unsatisfied, both physically and personally.

Juliet's second date was not with a stranger as it usually is on the show, it was a previous acquaintance Cole, who is also British.

The two Brits went on a canoe ride to a trampoline where he admitted her chest would go up and down while his, "c*** would bounce around like a jackhammer." Juliet was definitely into his straightforward and raunchy humor, but hoped to connect with him at a deeper level.

Later at the villa they connected more deeply, but at the end of the night he made a stupid move of showing Juliet his full butt which disgusted her.

Sean's second date on the island was Lovie and Sean again only focused on her physical features and didn't seem the slightest bit interested in her personaliy..

Her pushed her around in a bicycle taxi, and Lovie made it clear that she was not into him and his cocky personality, which makes that two-for-two if you're keeping score.

That night Lovie was essentially throwing herself at Sean and he saw it more as a turn off, which she didn't like at all.

As she sexually posed on a quad her third date Patrick walked up, and she instantly noticed how sexually attractive he was.

Their quad ride proved to be awesome for both daters and later in the pool they shared a spontaneous kiss. The attraction level between the two was very high and the chemistry is definitely there.

Again Sean said he is only interested in looks, and pointed out that his third date Jackie has a, "perfect body." While they engaged in a super-soaker fight Sean's inner a-hole came out again. Sean is now batting 1.000 as he goes three-for-three in turning the girls off with his personality.

Jackie admitted to posing for Playboy, and obviously he was into it on the shallow level.

The final night Cole made up for his behavior the previous night, and Patrick proved himself a player as he began hitting it off with Lovie.

Juliet felt "flat-out" dissed by Patrick, and that's where Cole turned into Juliet's Romeo and consoled her. As predicted Sean was the only one who didn't make a real connection with anyone, despite his attempts to connect with Jackie.

At the decision making ceremony Sean chose Jackie, "by default," and she voiced her opinion of how he needs to treat women better, leaving him with no connection. Juliet had the tough choice between Patrick and Cole.

In the end she went with Cole and it was revealed that the two friends have experimenting as lovers as well.

For critics who believe the show just features attractive people hooking up, contestants Greg and Ashley from episode six were married on August 6, and VH1 will televise their wedding on September 18.

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The next episode of "Dating Naked" airs September 11 at 9 p.m. on VH1.