Dating Naked Episode 8 Recap: Mike and Moenay

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On tonight's new episode of VH1's new and exposing dating show "Dating Naked," Mike and Moenay (her Instagram) figuratively and literally got a full look at one another as the two bore all for a date on a tropical private island.

Mike, is a 29-year-old MC and radio host from Philadelphia who doesn't hide his confidence. He claims his career got in the way of his past relationships of dating party girls, but that he is older now and looking to find a steadier girl.

Tonight he met Moenay, a dancer on cruise ships from Los Angeles.

Because of dating problems in the past and not meeting anyone she connects with, she is afraid she will end up alone.

After awkwardly observing and commenting on each other's physical attributes, the two disrobed daters embarked on their private date.

They took a jet ski out to a private sailboat where they shared drinks and ate seafood, much to Mike's disinterest.

They talked about past relationships, what went wrong with them, and the kind of people they are into; both claimed that the other was different than from people they have dated in the past.

Later at the pool they shared very intimate details about their sexual preferences, and ended the night with a kiss.

After their first date, both Mike and Moenay were given two more dates with other fully naked people.

Claiming Moenay set the bar high on his first date, he quickly erased that from his mind as his second date, Stephanie, walked up the beach. Stephanie is an assistant at a law firm, and their date consisted of playing carnival-style games on the beach.

Mike had a problem hiding his infatuation with Stephanie's physical attributes, while Stephanie focused more on the personal connection the two shared. After their date they shared more private and intimate details with each other over tequila.

Moenay's next date was with 42-year-old Dan, a life coach from San Diego and the two went for a paddleboard adventure. After coming ashore, Moenay realized something wasn't right with Dan. He expressed his different mindset about different vibrations in life, and this turned Moenay off and made her feel uncomfortable.

After the day's dates the foursome hung out and shared drinks, conversations, and overall got a general feel for each other.

Mike bonded more with Stephanie, while Moenay felt "stuck" listening to Dan's offbeat thoughts. At the end of the night Mike slept with Stephanie and the shared sexual relations.

Mike's next date was with Shealyn, 29, and again first focused on her physical qualities saying she's not really his type physically, but personality wise he likes her.

The two took a golf cart ride to the beach where they played limbo, shared drinks, and details about

Unfortunately for Moenay her second date said he wasn't able to go through with being on the show, leaving her left out to dry and with one less option of guy to choose from at the end of the show.

The final night on the island the five daters shared drinks and reflected upon how awkward the situation really was.

Moenay was left feeling lonely while Mike and Stephanie fooled around in the pool. Again Mike and Stephanie shared sexual relations in the shower, while Moenay and Shealyn were left in the pool listening to Dan.

Before the selection ceremony Moenay talked with Mike about how she wants him to choose the right girl, clearly showing how she is worried she won't choose him. She claimed he, "was thinking with his **** and not his head." While his explanation she unexpectedly kissed Mike, hoping to influence his decision.

At the selection ceremony, Moenay chose Mike to further date, while Mike shared that his decision between Stephanie and Moenay was extremely tough.

In the end Mike chose to date Stephanie, and the show invited Moenay back because she wasn't given a fair chance.

For critics who believe the show just features attractive hooking up, contestants Greg and Ashley from episode six were married on August 6, and VH1 will televise their wedding on September 18.

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The next episode of "Dating Naked" airs September 11 at 9 p.m. on VH1.