Dating Naked Episode 10 Recap: The Wedding

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On tonight's new episode of VH1's hit show "Dating Naked" viewers were welcomed to the wedding of Alika and Ashley (her Instagram), who met on the sixth episode of this debut season of the show.

Viewers were given an abundance of naked bodies to look at (with the obvious breasts and genitals blurred out) as families, friends, and other cast members from "Dating Naked" saw Alika and Ashley exchange their vows.

Some of the former cast members came back as couples, while others arrived single and looking to have fun.

This was no traditional wedding, however, as all of the wedding guests, the bride and groom, and the officiants were all fully naked.

Other aspects from a usual wedding were altered as well. Instead of a rehearsal dinner everyone participated in a naked yoga session which received a very mixed reception.

Instead of a guest book Alika and Ashley had people use their bodies to paint a canvas.

In a traditional wedding the guests hear "Here Comes the Bride," however in tonight's wedding the guests got to wildly bang on drums instead.

However with so many naked daters on the island again, drama was inevitable. While other couples displayed genuine feelings for another, other ones got into arguments.

Right from their arrival the single nudists were noting who they would be trying to mingle with, and attempts were made early on to interact with them.

Unfortunately some didn't know who was with who, and tension arose when advances were made on taken girls.

While one couple split up, two single nudists agreed to give dating a shot, and one couple took their relationship to the next level.

Despite the uncomfortable situations and awkwardness a lot of the guests felt, they all were able to acknowledge and recognize the true love that Ashley and Anika have for one another and overall have an enjoyable experience.

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